How do you know who is a whale, dolphin, minnow, etcetera on steemit? Is this information available?
Sorry for this dumb question but I am new on the platform and I am still learning... thanks in advance!

In general it is easy to deduce through the impact that it's vote can have on the reward that can get them or someone else with a post. However, if you want to visualize it in an easier way you can enter a user's profile using busy.org and you will really know if it is a plankton, minnow, dolphin or whale. Also there you will be able to see in detail when the effect of your vote has on someone else.

For example:


This are the terms that decides the position/influence of  a Steem User in Steem Blockchain. The more Steempower a user haas the more bigger he gets in case of 

Plankton, Minnow, Dolphin, Orca, Whale  

Use this site below and you will be able to know the rank of the Steem user in accordingly


In my username part (rehan12) put your/others Steem Username and you will see where your/other Steem user's rank is .

This are the mvests needed to be at the desired place in Steem Blockchain.

Plankton:  up to 1 Mvests new users
Minnow : 1 to 10 Mvests
Dolphin : 10 to 100 Mvests
Orca : 100 to 1,000 Mvests
Whale : 1,000 Mvests 


A whale is some with hundreds of thousand steem power, a dolphin is someone with five thousand and above steem power, a minnow is some with five hundred to 4999 steem power while a Plankton is anyone with lesser than five hundred steem power


Check www.busy.org

They display your status whether a user is one of those that you mentioned 😊


real easy by using busy.org/@username


What I know is that the popes are witnesses in steemit, you can see them on the witness page provided. You can also see the real Pope in @timcliff posts while dolphins and minnow are just like us. we are just dust here.


I found this explanation. Hope it helps.