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Is it true that alcohol triggers the region of the brain responsible for honesty, so an intoxicated person is more likely to tell the truth?

Yeah. I've heard about that and I have seen that to be true.

I am not a technical expert or scientist but I will say the reason people are prone to telling the truth when they are drunk is because they are free and can't really process stuff when they are drunk.

When they're not drunk, they have to process the lie to tell you but drinking makes them act out of the will.


Yes.. I have seen that happen a lot times. But then I can't be sure if it happens to everybody though..


Hmm... I do hear about this though but I don't really know how true this is. It's something I also noticed about people who drink to stupor because they tend to say more truthful things sometimes but we tend to ignore them because we do believe they are drunk.

There was a day i saw a drunkard who drank and smoked such that he got high just like they use to say. I saw him telling his intimate friend directly that "he is gonna shook him with broken bottle because he has been looking at him all this while". I tried to calm both of them down due to a little misunderstanding that occurred between them. I was able to interrogate the drunkard's friend about his friend telling him such statement.

I was actually astonished by the reply I got from his friend which is "He is actually telling the truth when he said he would shook me with broken bottles. He was able to voice out because of what he consumed as this will give boost his morale to say or do anything." I was able to conclude that some people are not actually your true friends because they maybe deceiving you or they act like hypocrite but smoking and drinking sometimes reveal their true behavior.

In conclusion, I think it may apply to some people and not everyone who drinks to stupor is likely to be honest.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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Alcoholic Drinks also known as the Truth Serum. i dont have a scientific explanation for it, but Ive seen it a lot of times. Drunk people tends to tell what ever is on their mind. 


No. It loosens parts of the brain that is responsible for your inhibitions and decreases the response time of neurons responsible for good judgment as seen by sudden rush of impulsive behaviors. There's plenty of science written on how alcohol works on your brain but the layman version is already there on the second sentence. Our brains are trained to function with social inhibitions and this constantly restricts a lot of our impulsive behaviors. 

We often experience emotions like hate, lust, envy, or just plain showing behaviors that are opposite to what we really feel inside just to observe proper social decorum. When we drink alcohol, some brain functions that regulate our social behavior and judgment are slowed and the other neurons that regulate impulsive behaviors get hyped up. 

People would often confuse this impulsive behaviors or what drunk people tell during excess alcohol intake because it comes off as showing the other side of them that people are not aware off. But this kind of thinking is biased and actually more harmful considering EVERYONE has their own impulsive sides and negative sides, you need the right amount of alcohol or social cue to trigger them.