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Today is the internet's birthday, what is the stuff you like the most about it?

I like the lots of opportunities that it can offer or give to us.

Some of these opportunities are opportunity to earn, to learn and to share.

Opportunity to earn like joining platforms such as Steemit. There are a lot of freelancing sites as well in which one can find an online job. Several ways to earn using the internet aside from those such as marketing your own business and earning from ads.

Opportunity to learn almost everything that have been posted or discussed online. Even educators and students are using the net for their teaching and learning needs.

Opportunity to share a part of ourselves while others are sharing almost everything about themseves, just like on some social media platforms. Sharing ideas, own master piece like a story, and a lot more.


I like the ability to virtually find any kind of information I want with a simple search. I've written two books, and while they're novels, they are set in a fictitious real world that I wanted to be as close to the way things are as possible. That meant heavily researching places I've never been down to street views on Google Maps. It was quite amazing to be able to so quickly do something like that when it would have taken me much longer researching what I did in a library, and probably trips to the locations in order to get any kind of feel for the place.

I love the ease of shopping for things online. It's like the old days of the catalog, except much more expedient, both ways. In what would have taken weeks to accomplish, it can be done in two or three days. At some point, it will be even faster than that.

To a degree, I do enjoy the ability to communicate with others across the globe, like now. I'm not that big a fan of social media or non-face-to-face communication in general, but it is mind boggling just how much more we can be in touch with the rest of the world without any other third party involvement (ie, press, government, worldwide organization, etc.).

I think those are the big three in my book. There's so much someone could learn if they chose not to use the internet as an entertainment time waster. :)


about internet which I like most is the only thing that creates it among the people that is the learning of the capacity of the people to know more about the internet.

if we will be able to know everything about internet then we will not have any difficulties at all in our life.

We can know almost everything from A to z on internet.