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Why do you think facial recognition technology is good for the human kind??

Well for starters it's a pretty good means of identification and it's something that can't so easily be fooled or hacked like a simple password. In an age where impersonation and cyber theft and phishing are on the rise, using something like facial recognition will prove very beneficial to human kind.

Now facial recognition is of two types, 2D and 3D facial recognition. If we're talking about 2D then it's not very secure and can be fooled by a simple picture because it's mostly software based, but 3D on the other hand is extremely secure and can only be beaten if you have an exact lookalike or twin.

I see facial recognition becoming one of the most used forms of identification in the world and I think that's a pretty good thing. It'll reduce the chances of people getting hacked and it'll keep people's finances, devices, documents etc safe.

I hope this helps.


My answer will be straight forward and I will surely say no.

this is because a person can easily copy one's face by doing surgery or by sitting on his face as such mask that will totally make him look like the other person.

this will not be recognised by the gadget and as a result your personal information can be shared with other people.

the advancement in the technology is good in facial recognisation but there are many people who can easily copy your face and can do plastic surgery to look like you and as a result your data can easily be leaked. So I am not in anywhere in support of facial recognition.