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Why is it that only 8 countries... Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, England and Uruguay have won the world cup of soccer?

Winning the world cup in soccer depends on the performance of the team involved and their level of preparation. This doesn't means that the teams loosing aren't well prepared. Every team prepares themselves for their soccer cup very drastically but no matter how good or best their preparation may be in terms of their playing mannerism, "there must surely be a winner".

Another important factor to consider is that in every competition, there must surely be a winner. This is why luck tends to play its role sometimes in cases like this which makes it very difficult to predict the winner from the start.

In conclusion, the team winning the soccer cup yearly may vary or it may be the same depending on how successful they become in every matches.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


I live in Spain at the moment and I can tell you they are football mad! All of the childrens heros are football players - often it is either Messi or Ronaldo. So it makes sense that they are good at football if it is the game of choice for loads of people from a young age.

I imagine that it would be the same for these other countries that have won the world cup aswell. Some of it also comes down to funding, and where the government chooses to spend their money.

I am from New Zealand and it is the equivalent with rugby (we are a small country but have won the last 2 world cups). This is because rather than football it is rugby that everyone plays from a young age.