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Is laziness a hereditary factor?

No! Laziness is not an hereditary factor. Humans just decide to be lazy so anyone who is lazy just decides to be lazy. It is not a family trait and cannot be.

A lazy human being just makes up his or her mind to be lazy. It all works on the mindset, so long as one is physical fit and does not have any health issues then one has the tendency and capacity to do what he or she is supposed to do regardless of laziness factors.


I actually do not have any knowledge about if there is any science behind laziness. But what I really understand is that If a human actually follows the inner calling in his or her life and if that human actually enjoys the every single moment of his or her life..then laziness would not really be in existence...

i believe that it all actually boils down to the Wants..because "wants" would really make you want do some certain things and the will to do it actually does that for you. Laziness is actually the opposite... when you are lazy You would not want anything and hence you do not really want to do or do anything...

Genes/hereditary factor have absolutely nothing to actually do with laziness..,