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Can someone give a detailed explanation on how the steem reward pool works?


I hope I explain this right, this is a complicated. 

The reward pool is generated daily, there is a maximum amount that will be generated each 24 hour period. This amount is used to reward posts and comments through voting.

The amount your vote is worth in Steem is determined by the amount of Steem power you have in your account, The amount your vote gives is also calculated on what percentage you vote at too. If you vote at 50% of the voting power you have the reward will be halved.

This is the part that most people do not realize.

There is so much of the reward pool made daily and there is the total of the Steem power powered up by everyone. This total amount of Steem powered up is equal to the total amount of rewards that will be given out in that 24 hours period. A vote unused will increase tomorrows pool by the amount not voted.

You can see how much your vote value is in USD here.


This shows the value of the vote in USD and not in a Steem value.

The rewards to a post, have to reach 0.02 before the reward will be paid out to the post.

Your vote at 100% of its value voting at 100 % will Gives a reward. Each time you vote you use up some of the total amount of your voting power. you next vote will be at 98% and you vote at 100% of that will mean your next vote will be at 96.04 and 100%.

By making use of Busy.org or Steempeak you can utilise a slider bar for the vote to adjust how many votes you can use, Voting to more people will mean you use more votes, 

Each day your voting power regenerates 20%, this is not 20% of what you have, this 20% is 20% of the maximum you can have. Bringing your Voting Power Level back to 100%. If your voting power is at 76% an additional 20% over the 24 hour period will mean your VP has returned to 96%

At 2% for each vote at 100% this means you can do 10 votes per day and the 20% will regenerate itself. Using the slider you can vote at 50% n the sliding bar and increase the number of people you can vote to.

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