Can you really help some one you don't know on the street?

Definitely. Definitely I can. I mean yes I know everybody talks about how it is dangerous to help people nowadays sometimes. In fact I just read something now as I was about to answer this question; I read a meme that says "be careful of the dogs you feed on the street, some are just wanting to be fed so that they can bite you." Just before I saw this question I read that.

And yes there is of course an atom of truth in it. There really are some people out there who are actually wanting to hurt you. Some are really literally laying on the streets waiting for you to help them so that they can rob you on a highway or some just to get in your life and con you. And yes a lot of different terrible shits can happen helping strangers, and we hear real stories about this all the time. Of course this can make you start to lose faith in humanity But I'll like to say that this should never stop us from helping out someone in need.

Altruism is still a very very remarkable and attractive trait to have. And it does have its advantages.

And then consider the fact that there really are people in need in this life; good people! And most of the times people in need are only just people in need; they're not faking of fronting or trying to hurt you or anything. They just really need your help and probably have their whole survival depending on whether you help them or not.

And what kind of life would it be when everybody decides that, you know, because there are some people who are out there to hurt us by pretending they need our helps we'll all decide to stop helping people from now on forever and ever. You'll agree with me that the world wouldn't be such a very happy place or such an attractive place to live in if this ever happens.

There is a certain kind of beauty in helping others. There is a sublime feeling that one gets from performing such act. I don't know if it's everybody or just myself--but I'm pretty sure it's not just myself--that when I find somebody in need and I choose to help that person and I see the happiness on that person's face I also get a certain kind happiness that knows no bound from the act.

And of course when you see somebody that you don't even know helping out a stranger on the street, there is definitely a joy that you get from it and a believe that you get from it that humanity really is a beautiful race after all, and life really is what living among these beautiful people.

And then again consider a situation where everybody stop helping people and you stop helping people because everybody is wicked and hypothetically you get into a situation where you need help. Wouldn't you want somebody, maybe even a stranger, to help you?

Wouldn't you feel hurt and disappointed and even angered to an extent if nobody chooses to come to your aid in this case just because there are some few bad people out there?

This is why regardless of the situation and of the purported danger that everybody speaks about if I see somebody on the street or a stranger that I don't know I will still try my best to help them.

I mean yes in the end it all boils down to risk assessment and using your brain of course, and there are some obvious signs and some subtle ones too that a person can be on the look out for to determine when/if a person really is in need of help or just wanting to scam or hurt.

But in the beginning I will never set my default thought to be in the line of "everyone is terrible and no one is worth helping".

No. I will choose to believe in the goodness of the human heart and make THAT my default setting. And if that feeling is trumped in the end, well then on to the next one I go.

Cheers and have a nice day.


yes i can. and i do every so often. But the problem is that where i'm from, people aren't so trusting of each other.  So helping people doesn't always seem as friendly as it would sound. some people wouldn't even let you help them. But that doesn't mean i don't try.

every so often, when i'm walking, i see someone who's stuff fell or someone old who's bag is too heavy. other times there are people hawking things on wheelbarrows but cant push it over a speed bump. helping them doesn't take anything from me so i help as often as i can. i believe that if everyone in the world was always willing to help the next person, then life wouldn't be as tough as it is. that's a philosophy i'm going to teach my children one day and it's something i try to practice everyday. 


Highly depends on the "vibe" I am getting from the person and what/how I can help.

One thing I probably learned after watching a couple of crime reports on our local/national tv outlets is that people will do anything, "anything" just to take advantage of someone. I have learned that most of this so-called thiefs, snatchers/pickpocketers usually feed on vulnerable people using "pity" and emotions to gain sympathy and trust. (Not in any way saying that all who needs help on the Street are like this)

That is why the first and only thing I probably would do is only verify that he legit needs the help. That this is not just any other M.O.'s out there to loot people for help.


It depends on what you mean by "help", it doesn't take anything away from you if you help a person push his car or carry some things across the road, infact it's kind of inhumane if you see someone who needs help with something as simple as that and don't lend a hand. The level of "help" that we can give a person is dependent on what exactly the person needs. I can be extremely generous sometimes, other times I can be a little cold towards people on the streets because experience has taught me that you never really know who's who, but if I see someone who I can actually help then I'll do it.

If the person needs a little change then sure, why not, I'll definitely give it to you if I have it. If your hungry and you need something to eat, I just might take you to a local restaurant somewhere and pay for a meal for you but if you try to bite of more than you can chew by asking for things that no one would give you then don't expect me to help you.

I was once stopped by a well dressed lad who apparently came to my city because he was told that he'd find better job opportunities here. Unfortunately he was a tad bit foolish in the sense that he came to my city without any money or any plans and he asked me if he could stay with me. I was confused, because I couldn't understand how that would work. He literally expected me to let a stranger into my house, and a foolish one at that, I had to say no.

There's a lot that I could do for strangers I meet on the street, but that's only if it's reasonable. I like to help people, but not when it's at my own detriment. If you think about it, me answering your question is basically me helping you on the streets of musing😉😉.

I hope this helps.


I would if I saw someone in need. I guess if everyone gave a bit of their effort to help this person and if it becomes a culture, it would greatly benefit the society. The ones who are able can help those in need. It would greatly reduce crime and i always believe everyone in a country is an asset no matter the age. By helping one person who helps the next, and if this goes on it would one day grow so big that the country would slowly be better and better.