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Can you really help someone you don't know on the street?



We are social animals. We cannot live happily if society doesn’t co-operate with us. Humanity is nothing but thinking about fellow humans (and animals, plants etc.) and helping them. 

A true human being can never shirk helping others. We cannot develop unless we get help from the society. This help can be in many forms. Someone may help a person with money, resources, etc. In ancient time, rich people used to dig wells, built water sources, inns and plant fruit-bearing trees along the roads in India. It was done as a religious service. Even today people help a person who is involved in an accident. Many people help poor students financially. This is not always done as a religious work. Some people think it their moral duties to spread goodness by helping others.

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I was helped by people in some occasions. They offered a lift to me when there was no means of transport available. Once, I lost my way in a village. The villagers showed me the way. It is a custom in India to ask the way to the strangers. Strangers helped me. I also help them. The people who helped me were strangers. When I helped others, they were also strangers for me. I helped them because I thought it is in the interest of humanity. Goodness increases with goodness. 

I’d like to share my experience with Steemit. When I joined Steemit, I thought I would be able to earn at least 10 to 15 dollars worth Steem and SBD per day here but it never happened. I tried hard but nothing happened. I commented on @vansteem’s post who had organized a contest. I received one SBD from him which helped me to pay to bidbots and increase my reputation score. I was helped by people like @paradigmprospects, @gandhibaba, @yoo1900, @robert31, etc. Recently, @hitmeasap helped me a lot. With the help of his efforts, I received about 11 Steem and some SBD from the generous members of the community. Now, I am going to cross 500 SP mark very soon. I was unknown to them but they helped me. Should I not do the same?

So, it is the duty of everyone to help needy. One should not see the face of the needy. It doesn’t matter many times. However, one should also be careful. Sometimes, it becomes very dangerous to help wrong persons. So, one should also be careful while helping strangers.