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Can humans live in another planet apart from earth?
Can humans live in another planet apart from earth

I think that it is definitely possible for humans to live in another planet. I'm someone who believe in the concept of parallel universe. I always think that there is definitely a similar planet out there that is exactly like earth capable of sustaining human population. We have so many records of alien visits in the Earth. You can search online and find lots of UFO related news every one hour. Though our modern science is not yet ready to identify and trace all these, we are still progressing. I think we will soon be able to travel to the other planets where humans can live. 

Our Earth itself is a mystery with lots of unknown things to humans. As we see so many giant structures in Earth, some of them were built by aliens according to the scriptures. It is not possible for humans to build such giant structures without the support of Aliens. In ancient scriptures there are descriptions about two great architects namely Vishwakarma and Maya Danva. You can do your research on them to understand their origin and other information about them. They have facilitated so many giant structures in this world. Some people consider them to be a fictitious character but we will be able to see archeological evidences of the things they built and destroyed. Submerged city of Dwaraka is an example for it. 

Parallel Universe

In simple terms the concept of parallel universe was explained clearly in a movie called Coherence. The movie storyline was such that there were several parallel universe available and the same person from one planet lives in another planet with a different life. It was really a thought provoking movie. Many scholars believe the possibility for parallel universe. With the current technology that we have, we were able to explore only things that are near our planet. We have not be able to travel in person or understand if there are capabilities to explore other planets. I believe there will be one in the near future. 

The concept of outer terrestrial beings is quite commonly mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures. It even explains clearly on how intra terrestrial beings travel from one planet to another planet and how fast they were during their travel. We cannot be sure until we find a solid evidence on this topic. But when we believe most of the things from the scriptures, there is a high possibility that this information an be true as well. I feel that there are multiple galaxies available in the universe similar to Milky way galaxy and there is a great possibility for humans to live in such parallel galaxies. 

Exploration with Mars

Recently researches are being conducted to identify if it is possible for humans to live in Mars. There is a huge plan to create colonies in Mars. If we identify that it is definitely possible to live in mars with good breathing capabilities and food and water for survival, I think soon there will be an offer for people to move to mars. Today I read an article about a secret plan by Elon musk to send 100 volunteers to Mars. If this happens real soon, we will have a great breakthrough in the history of Science. 

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Yes why not?

At the moment research is being done into the possibilities of using micro organisms to create an atmosphere on a planet. How long it would take to do this and the sustainability after it has been done. We know we can create an atmosphere on a planet that does not have one that would sustain us.  Gravitational forces, Orbits and the spin of the planet. Things like how long a day takes have also got to be looked into and the effect they have on life.

We now that when people are in orbit of our own planet for any period of time, their bone structure changes and weakens with time. This is due to the lack of gravitational forces on the body. There is less resistance for the body to fight against to stay upright. Knowing how weak our own gravitational force is. Any other planets force if weaker or stronger than the Earth's would have some effect on a living organism. These things are been researched by study of astronauts when they return from their orbit.

Before we get to live on other planet's. We will need to evolve theories of interstellar travel. These speeds would have to be improved on to reduce the time this travel would take.

Closer options are available for colony's to begin. Some of the moons that are orbiting planets in our own solar system are being looked at for this possibility. Satellite stations to enable space travel. Mar's is a hot topic right now. With Elon Musk making efforts toward travelling to Mars. This itself will gain the interest of others, who will want to take advantage of mining the resources available on Mar's as the natural resources on Earth dwindle. As this happens the cost effectiveness of mining other planets and orbiting asteroids or comets will come into play. Already we are drilling into Mar's to see what is below the surface. 

All of this will lead to new break-troughs in sciences and technologies. These break-troughs will be what we develop to travel in interstellar space to other galaxies and planets within those systems.

Should we reach that point, there s no reason why we cannot colonize other planets in our own system and other solar systems.


If there are similar living conditions maybe. So far I guess nobody has tried before and thus it remains to be seen.