What is that one special thing you cant do without in your daily life?
What is that one thing you cant do without in your daily life

There are a few things I can't do without on daily basis; from observing quiet time, to speaking with my parents, to calling my girlfriend, to making money etc.

However, the most important of all these is observing quiet time. Quiet time is a time I set aside everyday to have a special communication with God. It's usually accompanied with many activities; from reading of Bible to prayers to singing of hymns Or songs to meditation etc.

I feel almost empty any day I fail to have a quiet moment with God. I was raised in a family where morning devotions was compulsory On daily basis. Everyday at 5am, my dad would gather the entire family for devotion. It became a family tradition. Joining with the host of angels before the throne to worship God in the early hours of the day is something that gives me joy and a sweet soothing relief that I AM THAT I AM is incharge and has taken over on the remaining activities and plans of my day.

Nothing feels more rewarding and fulfilling when I do this. It makes me feel complete and set to run my life's race for the day. Dwelling in God's presence to seek His face is what I find most important to do before any other thing. It's one special thing I can't do without, and when I miss doing it, it haunts me for the rest of the day and I just feel incomplete.


Praying to God....I don't have much things that are like daily routines except the regular things everyone do as part of our daily lives...but I sure know I must pray everyday atleast tp return all glory to the maker for my life and health

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If there is anything one special thing I can't do without in my life then that will be "PRAYER". I actually don't feel comfortable a single moment anytime I haven't prayed. I don't really know how I got addicted to such act but I guess it was as a result of my upbringing since I was still a very young child.

I actually grew up with that act and it has really being part of my daily activities every day and I hope it will also be my last activity on my death day. I have actually seen and experienced lot of benefits in praying when it comes to both physically and spiritually and I must really say I am happy having that type of habit.

In conclusion, the special thing i can't really do about is praying and I will always stick to this activity as it has really helped me a lot.

Thanks for reading this and I hope this helps.

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There are a number of things or habits that I can not do without, but one very important one is my cold shower(s). About two years ago I came across an article on Wim Hof, also known as the ice man. Google or search on Youtube if you want to learn about cold exposure and what it can do for you. 

This led me to start taking a cold shower, first occasionally and only for 30 seconds to a minute. Now daily and for a few minutes or longer. Apart from the fact that I've hardly been ill with seasonal illness like flu, cold etc. I feel great and bursting with energy after my shower and throughout the day, I recommend to anyone. 

I also do daily meditation and breathing exercises,  and these really help in building up the stamina to endure ice cold showers. Now my shower almost feels like a meditation as it's important to maintain deep regular breathing to help you endure the cold. Again I recommend it to anyone who's looking to increase their energy levels and build up their immune system. As with anything, start small and build it up over time. 


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