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Are there any measures made out for newbies coming into the steem platform to be recognized and brought to the limelight as well without having to toil and work so hard but yet gain nothing meaningful ?

This is a common musings in the mind of Steemit newbies, especially after their debut posts recorded zero upvote , therefore no rewards!!

As desirable as this should be; the steemit is fashioned after every other typical business systems where value strictly dictates values. Typically there is NO FREE LUNCH in steemit.

The only guaranteed outlet to the rewards in the blockchain is strategic toiling that delivers values. You are please requested, therefore to strategize to post high value posts which would attract major upvotes!!

Engaging in Dapps like Musings could earn you few steem here and there ; but it is stressed that in the long run, such earnings from Dapps may not worth your while.

So, the only route to success in steemit is quality posts!!


Well if newbies really want to be seen in this crypto winter the best way is to join some initiatives that are helping to build steem. The seven77 push up challenge movement on twitter is  a good place to do that. We are on twitter doing videos everyday using hashtag #steem and #seven77. Individuals usually share there videos ( usually doing push ups or talking about steem but anything goes actually) to steem using share2steem.io and the initiaitve leader upvotes them nicely, so do other prominent steemians in the seven77 challange. If you wan to join,  look on @nathanmars7 post. When you do your first day tag me on twitter @depaiso

how to join

Seven77 Challenge Tweet
Step 1. Write One reason why you believe in STEEM
Step 2. Write Day XXX of 777 #Seven77 #STEEM @nathanmars7
Step 3. Attach video of you doing Seven e.g. push-ups

Remember tag me in your first day @depaiso

you will be in a community of individuals brining serious attention to steem and they will appreciate your efforts