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Cryptocurrency trading, and Forex... What is the difference between the two?

First of all these kinds of trading involves forecasting/predicting the direction of a currency based on its performance in the past. The various time limits used to gather information that can be used to do your prediction; distinguishes one type of trader from another, for example a day trader predicts how a currency will move (usually either up or down) in a day and a scalper predicts how a currency will move within the next 1 to 5 minutes. There's still more to the explanation about trading but the question is about the differences between cryptocurrency and forex trading.

These can be that a forex trade is based on the currency of one nation against another and these countries usually have a central bank that controls the price/value of the currency and also other policies that control inflation these go to ensure that the currency has relative stability that makes it a bit easier to predict but not without its own difficulties since you have to compare it against the currency your converting with.

However cryptocurrency on the other hand is decentralized, there is no body or government that controls pricing or inflation, this makes it possible for the value to fluctuate astronomically. Since there isn't the sort of guide in form of stability and central control as in normal currency it makes it a little bit harder to predict.


I don't actually know the difference,just know both involves buying and selling of cryptocurrencies.... always heard about Forex,seems it's more difficult to comprehend


Cryptocurrency trading is the art of selling and buying cryptocurrency solely for the purpose of making profit. It involves helping other cryptocurrency holders convert their cryptocurrencies into cash directly by buying it from them and paying them with money. Someone who engages in crypto trading is known as crypto trader and he or she must possess knowledge about the crypto market

Forex trading on the other hand involves the exchange and trading of currencies. It is just the simple act of buying currencies. It involves a very deep understanding about currency rate and taking calculated risks. Someone who engages in forex trading is known as a forex trader.

We can finally wrap it up by simply saying that "Cryptocurrency trading is the process of trading cryptocurrencies while forex trading is the process of trading currencies."


Crypto Trading is a trend in the world of commerce today to get money from profits in trading Cryptocurrency (digital currency). This trade looks like forex and stocks at a glance but has many advantages that cause not only "capable" people to enter the trade but also students who only have ten thousand rupiah in capital can use this facility to earn money!