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Why do mothers tend to get all attention from the kids... I mean even when they're all grown up, they only seem to channel all thanks to their mums for always standing by them, and encouraging them all they way; what about the fathers!!! Does it mean they never try enough to be occasionally recognized?

Firstly we need to realize the fact that the love of a mother towards her kids is inseparable and unconditional. Should we consider the pain she went through during her labor period and her delivery time which seems to be like death? Or should we consider the sacrifice she made to make her kids a better person in life even though some husband may not be that responsible. There are actually lots of sacrifice mothers had undergone just to make their kids happy and grant them the best in the world.

Similarly, responsible fathers aren't left out in the equation because without the support of the father, the kids won't become whom they are today. This implies that the support from both father and mother plays a vital role in the life of their kids. The fact remains that 90-95% of women or ladies posses more caring and loving attitude than men. This is explains why most ladies or women are very emotional and caring when compared to men. This is also one of the reasons you may observe ladies crying when they experience breakup or when their loved ones are ill but as for guys or men , they still have the will power and capacity to bear more saddening events unlike women.

As regards to your question, you are actually right about your thoughts but I will say it actually depends on the kids or children involved. There are also some children who are more considerate towards their fathers than their mother. Similarly, we also have kids who are more considerate towards their mother than their father. The level of the kids consideration towards either of the parents has to do with the below factors;

- The parent that brought up the kid(s)

- The kids friends or peer pressure

- The children's environment

- The children's experience

- Religion factor.

The above factors affects the lifestyle of the kids when it comes to making decision about being considerate. Some children might had experienced lots of suffering from their parents due their irresponsible nature which makes the kids want to revenge back on them by not remembering them when they become successful ( This is actually a very bad idea though). We also have some kids who might be brought up by a single parent either mother or father which makes the kids repay their debts onto such parent as a result of the parent struggles on them when they were young.

In conclusion and to summarize it up, it is always advisable every kids should be good to both parents (father and mother) without leaving anyone behind. They have to be treated with care and respect as this will add more to your blessings as their children. This also implies that you have to let-go of any bad things they've done to you when you were young and don't ever revenge against them but just do fulfill your obligation as a kid towards them and see your life full of blessings and provisions.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Hmmmm!! Quite a common concern among men who sometimes wonder if their Children , ever appreciate their contributions the well being of their children.!!

Statistically, mothers are accorded prime position in their children's rating as compared to the Fathers. These factors could be the culprit.

Mothers, being more domesticated, spends much more time with their children, especially as babies, toddlers, even as teenagers. It is not unexpected to see more bonding between Children and Mums than Children and Dad's.

Mothers are more emotional and compassionate while addressing the needs of their Children. The Fathers are more concern about how to provide the necessities and discipline , which many see as being overbearing

The culmination of these , among others is despite the collosal investment by fathers on Children, mothers are more advantageously appreciated and rewared.