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What do you consider as the hardest thing in life?

Living happily ever after. So many people always want to believe that they will have a living happily ever after maybe after going through some few hardtimes, landing that dream job and getting a family etc. Truth is, it is never really like that. Life is no Cinderella story and the struggles will never end until we leave this world.

So, it is all about understanding that life is full of its struggle and we make our own happily ever after with the struggles in it.


Understanding that you are totally without anyone else in this life. That no one truly owes you anything throughout everyday life. [On an individual note] Realizing that thers' no higher or otherworldly power out there, that ensures or caters for me. That there's no perfect reason to my reality or anything like that. That whatever I need to get throughout everyday life, I need to actually driving force or architect it, bar for some fortunes all over.

Understanding that nothing is ever given free. That there's dependably an exchange off for anything on earth. No dollar comes complimentary. Your folks may give you a headstart however they can't spoonfeed you for eternity. You need to go to class (or take in an exchange/expertise) and you need to work regular for your every day bread.


1...Losing a parent : The most hard hitting misfortune, I don't figure anybody can ever be set up for this. It doesn't make a difference how great or awful your parent may have been to you, their demise is something that really hits you hard. Adore them, hear them out, call them just to hear their voice, they can never be replaced.

2....Leaving somebody while still being in love with them:

The choice will request quality from each fiber of your being, do it at any rate on the off chance that you feel overlooked, undesirable, trapped in an endless cycle.


Feeling helpless (be that through the infringement of your body, wild environment, lamenting past decisions, and so forth)

The conclusiveness of the death toll, is truly surely knew by most, as possibly life breaking.

Be that as it may, feeling "vulnerable" is more nuanced.

Consider it like this, what might you give on the off chance that you could return in time and change something from your past?

Even better, how astounding would it be on the off chance that you could return to when you were youthful, knowing all that you know now?

The other side to that coin is our present reality...

A reality where there is that potential vulnerable sentiment of having survived an occasion in your life, for which there is currently nothing you can do transform it regardless of the amount you wish you could.

I've constantly discovered that vulnerable sentiment of disappointment, to be something greatly hard about existence


Life is another name of struggle. When you was born thats from day you started your struggle. every life is Going through the bed of roses.from born you are passing step by step your life. every person was born along with hemself a lots of Responsibility. If you are able to fulfil Appropriately your Responsibility you will success your life and also you have able to lead your life gladly.



On the other side, if you are not to able to fulfil your Responsibility you will be failed every attempt on your life so Responsibility is crucial things for your life.but one things you will also reminded that your life is not yours, you also remind your life is glad take for others love.

I think love is important fact for a life. We also know that **love is power**,love is peace,and also love never dies** so if love your family or your social community members you will gain your success.love always keep happy your life.

One proverb that love is not bad of roses.so friends i want to know whats your opinion about your life?