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Is slavery actually good or bad?

Well, I put back your question to you? Would you like to be in chains, taken against your own will? Would you like to work for someone and not get paid? What do you like a situation where you do not have rights? Where your rights are been determined by someone else who doesn't understand your plait? If you can answer these questions then you can come to a conclusion if slavery is good or bad.


I believe that for you to ask this question, you don't have any idea what slavery is.

Slavery is bad. Why ? How would you feel if you or any of your relatives was subjected to hard labour without pay or any form of incentive. I doubt you'll like that. Now if you won't want that for yourself why would you want that for someone else.

Its very sad to know that there are still people who don't know if slavery is good or bad

Slavery is bad, say no to slavery.


slavery was annulled for a reason, Everyone was created by GOD similarly. Any personought to be valued , The prospect of slavery is merciless. 

Everybody can have an independent mind. There is no motivation behind why as a general public we ought to ever proceed with this training. It checks our constitution and our fundamental human rights. 

Ask yourself this: How might I like being a slave? Reply: You wouldn't. Slavery is awful.


slavery is the point at which you treat a person as your property. 

Dispassionately, since a person can do anything to a slave, and the said individual can be an awful one, the slave can get tormented, and made to do things an ordinary individual wouldn't do. Since, awful things WILL occur in bondage, it is terrible. Much the same as terrible things will transpire If you smoke cigarettes or expend liquor, it is awful to smoke or drink. 

Emotionally, It could be awful, alright, great. 

You were a cook, and you cooked terrible sustenance, they could slash your hands. You are a decent gardener, and you don't get noticed for doing anything terrible, you would get sustenance regularly, and simply experience your life till you kick the bucket. You are a great craftsman, or an educator, the royals could approach you with deference despite the fact that you are only a slave. Kindly comprehend that I am alluding to a slave, suppose in the thirteenth century, where they had no other decision yet to be a slave. In this day and age, Slavery isn't right, yet at the same time exists, and we ought to as individuals do everything conceivable to stop this menace


Good if you’re the slave owner and don’t give a fuck about human rights in a context where your own personal gain is priority.

Bad if you’re the slave and didn’t consent.


I'm going to be controversial but I DO think that slavery would be GOOD in some regions.

For example South Africa, if slavery is still in place, every South African would be better off, both the Coloureds and the Whites.