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Is it common for people to get food sensitivities?
I am a bit chubby and carry most of my weight on my belly. It seems to increase or decrease by a belt notch or two. I have been watching what I eat carefully and have narrowed it down to two foods. 1. White flour, or anything made with it. If I eat white bread two hours later I get gassy and bloated and a bit nauseus. I am fine with whole wheat bread, pasta, etc. so I dont think its celiac. 2. Red meat. If I have a small piece of beef or pork-even if its lean-the same thing happens.Chicken and fish no problem. I have also noticed that these problems become exacerbated if I have recently consumed alcohol. I am not a big drinker, but sometimes overindulge-like most people.These two food sensitivities are worse for days after. Have you heard of this? Is it common for people to get food sensitivities? My doctor had no answer except to say stay away from these foods if they are a problem, and said my liver was fine. Thanks for your thoughts!

It is absolutely possible to have food sensitivities.  The best thing to do in your case would be to meet with a local naturopath or chiropractor that treats functional problems and understands these issues.  Have them run a food sensitivity profile - NOT a food allergy (IgE) test.  This will guide your diet.  Then talk to them about getting some digestive enzymes.