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What five things make a school great?
What do you think make the qualities of a great school?

While there might be several things that make a school great, we could still point out some five things like asked.

1. The quality of products (graduate) the school churns out regularly.

2. A good blend of theory with practice. This means, what is being taught in school really corresponds with societal needs and students can always cope with the realities of life with skills and knowledge gained through schooling.

3. A decent blend of academic and social life.

4. The quality of its contribution to societal growth viz research, community services etc

5. A student friendly administration/management.


* The quality of teachers the school has

* The kind of activities been run/held in the school; the activities the students are subjected

* The standard of the school

* The relationship of the teachers with the students.

* The way the students are raised.


The main thing about any school is its teachers and students. They are called to make any school the best school of all. If there are good teachers and good students, there is no doubt, that school will succeed.  And when I mean teachers, I mean the professional and human quality of the people in charge of teaching. As for the students, they must be motivated, inspired to reach their goals, to prepare, to receive knowledge, to graduate. If these two engines work, much of the success is already achieved.

In second place would be the resources that the school possesses. The more resources the school possesses, the more many ways to educate can be implemented, all to the benefit of the student.

Thirdly, the authorities. If there are concerned and intelligent authorities, leaders, who know how to guide and manage, will seek to bring any educational entity to the surface. 

The fourth place would be for the environment. A positive environment, aware of the benefits of having a school in its community, will be concerned with the maintenance and benefit of that school. School and community working for youth and children.

The fifth, and no less important, funding. A school that has financial support from the state, businesses, and others, is a school that can channel its potentialities and work to achieve excellence. 


1. Uniform

2. The school's reputation, or how well did the students who graduated in the school, excel their respective career.

3. Quality of the teachers, we cant avoid the fact in some cases students are smarter than the teachers.

4. Security of the school. How well secured ate the kids inside the school walls?

5. I would have say classmates, or updated school facilities, but i think canteen area needs to be on the fifth spot.



Well for me, I think that there are more than just five things that make a school great but if i have to limit it to five then it would be these five;

School Location: I spent my whole secondary school life in an enclosed compound situated in the middle of a studio and a nightclub and although the night club isn't functioning during the day, the studio was indeed a total nuisance as at that time so i think firstly we consider a good location.

Facilities: Now, I would have said facilities first but i think after a proper location, the facilities are the next in line. If any school lacks proper facilities, learning becomes a bit more tasking than it already is, image solving a math problem in an uncomfortable science lab with low ventilation, you will not be able to concentrate properly.

Students: There wouldn't be a school, if there were no students to admit neither would there be any use for infrastructures in the school. Students are the reasons why we can say a school is good and standard. Often times parents put their kids in schools because of the examples of other kids and when all these people meet together at a place they can relate with one another.

A Good Principal: Principals are key to having a significantly great school because He/She mostly controlS the affairs of the school with the help of the Board. A good principal knows what's best for the school, understands the things the school needs and is influential in making certain changes that can or will make the school better.

Qualified Teachers: Now, no school can ever be great if the teachers in it are as wacky as ever. Great schools require great teachers and great teachers are effective in ensuring and enforcing proper etiquette, manner and moral into children in order to make the school have a good name. Teachers serve as a beacon to the students and the students are representatives of the school, so when parents see the good in their kids and comment during the meetings in school then, the school is on its way to being great.

There are still a lot of things that makes a school great but i hope i have been able to shed some light with these five things and am certainly hoping it helps.

Thank you!!!