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Have you ever acted out scenes from movies at random times?
Have you ever acted out a scene or referenced a movie randomly for no particular reason without someone else around? - I sometimes chest drum the theme song from the TV show Cobra in the kitchen - I frequently mumble "International House Pancake" in an asian accent like the dude from the movie Mr Deeds at random times while I'm cooking. - Sometimes when I walk down stairs, I do it just like how Sub-Zero walks down when he fights Liu Kang in the first movie. I'm sure there are more things that I do but have yet to catch myself. So far these are the only ones that has happened more than once that I can remember. Anyone else do weird poo poo like this?

Yes dear, i do weird poo poo things like this too. And its not weird, its you just being you and thats being young at heart with an over active and quite robust imagination. Just the way i i am and love to remain.

So I'm just gonna step right up and say the scene i have acted out the most in my mind and even at random times of the day is the scen from "black panther" where mbaku came out with his clan to challenge t'challa.

I literally dashed outta my room with a cape on my back and a cloth over my chest. Some really light coloured concealer on my cheeks and my hair in a unique wakandan bun. My brothers stared at each other with the words in their eyes saying "quick, call the hospital, she's outta her cage".

I ignored them and stated every line from that scene and made my way back to my room without a word leaving their lips. I was utterly in the zone and it happens to be ny best scene in the movie and alsoone of my best scenes in movies for 2019.

I find myself also saying it while I'm doing something. Probably my mind just wonders away and before i can catch myself to be in control, i burst out with the lines from black panther.

And then there is there are scenes from minions especially the opening song which drove me mad. I could not go a day without starting from by humming it and then screaming "illumination".

Its absolutely not weird in any way. I happen to think and know its pretty awesome that my memory can hold down vivid details of scenes from movies.