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What advice would you give to the person that is dating your Ex?

The fact that someone and I didn't work doesn't mean they can't work with another. Perhaps we're not compatible. So my advice will only be to love them wholeheartedly and probably tell them about the red flags that didn't make us work and how to handle it amicably.


My ex is the kindest of all, she is a priceless gem, it hurt to lose her and to the guy dating her

Treat her like a queen

Do not make her jealous by flirting with other girls

Always tell her how happy you are that she is yours

Protect her and always support her when she needs you

Give her the desirable attention she needs

Once in a while, surprise her with gift even though she didn't ask for it

Never hurt her feelings cos she is fragile

And the very last thing, do not break her heart!!


If I had to give some advice to the guy who was dating my ex it would be.

1. treat her right, she deserves it as she is a great women and just because it didn't work between me and her doesn't mean its not going to between them.

2. She likes to have candles by her bath, when she gets in from work run her a bath with her favourite bath bomb and make sure the bath has candles around it, this will free her of her stresses.

3. Don't forget her birthday, I did when we first started dating, it wasn't as much as I forgot but we had been going out for 3 months and I really don't think she told me. on her birthday we arranged to go out, other people brought presents and I didn't, this really didn't look good on me.

4. If she falls asleep on the sofa, cover her over with a blanket, she liked me doing that when we were together.

5. She likes to wear large t-shirts for bed, so normally she would pinch mine, If you have a favourite t-shirt make sure you hide it so you can wear it instead of her for bed.

6. When she is talking listen, I used to nod my head when she talked and then later it would tie me into all sorts of things, and this would make her a little angry as I would make other plans and she wouldn't forget that I had said yes to what she had said.

Just to let you know we were great together and what I have written sounds like I was a nightmare of a boyfriend, we were together for 5 years and we just drifted apart, we still talk to each other and there is no hard feeling that we broke up.

I still sometimes think about the good times we had as she was a great laugh and my friends all liked her.


I wouldn't. I could give them some advice based on what didn't work when I was with them, but if my ex has changed during this time, then the advice wouldn't be needed.

Besides, no two individuals are alike and my ex's new partner just might be the perfect fit for him.

So, I would leave them to their fate and hope it works for them.


No advice for them, just move on with your life and focus on self-development. Truth is, you might not be they one for your ex and that someone new could be the perfect match for them.


If I'm opportune to meet the new person dating my ex, well I will of cos greet her warmly and if she asks for advice because I can't give her advice when she didn't ask for it so if she asks, I will simply tell her those things I did that perhaps was a contributing factor to why we didn't work out so she would avoid it and I will also tell her things about him that are really flags that she should watch out for