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Does true liberty exist and if so do we really want it?
i often think true liberty means a lack of laws or regulations in order to be truly 'free'and so I've found myself questioning whether we would truly want this thing we talk of so often. what do you think?

It's definitely a good question, and a conclusion I agree with. For the most part, people who say they want freedom or liberty to do as they will don't want all of the additional responsibility and accountability that comes with it, especially the younger one is.


The way I look at it is: unless what I'm doing is demonstrably keeping someone else from living the way they like, I should be free to do as I please. As long as I'm not infringing on someone else's rights or ability to enjoy them, I'm good.

To me, that means things like I can't go around killing people, stealing their stuff, or otherwise doing injury or harm to their person, their loved ones or their belongings. I find that to be rather self-explanatory, and well within reason, though there's bound to be some who disagree.

What it doesn't mean to me is, if I want to build on a piece of property, or live a certain lifestyle, or listen to a certain type of music or believe a certain way, just because it contradicts with someone else's ideas or ideals, I should be stopped or kept from doing them. People might not like it, they may even think it's wrong, but unless it's provably dangerous or limits others abilities to do as they please, it's fair game.


It also means to me that whatever decisions you make, you live with. If you can get others to help you out, great, but no one should be coerced into helping you, or compelled. Nor shamed into helping either, even if it might be the right thing to do, or the popular sentiment at the time.  Each one of us should be an agent unto ourselves, free to act and think for ourselves without infringing on others rights to do the same.

Which means, we need to take responsibility for what we do. We need to take the consequences, good, bad or indifferent. It means paying the price for them, if needs be. It means there won't be someone automatically stepping in to take on the burden of cost, or judgment, or restitution.


Without all the regulations and the manpower to enforce them, we become responsible for everything. We need to know what we should eat, what we should avoid, when it's dangerous to go out, when it's not, what products are safe to use, which ones last, what risks there are to certain activities, how and when to invest, etcetera, etcetera.

When we somehow mess that up, it also means there's no one else to blame, or to run to for reparation or help. We're on our own. We're truly at the mercy or goodwill of others, and in a society where such is firmly established, sympathy might not be the easiest thing to come by, if what can happen on STEEM is any indication, even when it's likely warranted.


It isn't cheap. It probably would take more time than we have, which is why we end up with the type of people representing us, the kinds of laws they pass, and why we find our rights more and more infringed upon. We tend not to take care of even the simplest of matters, but leave them to some other authority to sort out. We can't have our a cake and eat it, too. We can't say we're for freedom while we're taking someone else's away. We can't say they should ban this or ban that without expecting that someday, something we cherish will go the same way.

Liberty is a double-edged sword. It cuts both ways. Are we ready for true liberty? I'm afraid most of us are not.


This is a very important question and am going to give my answer based on my believe as a Christain.

Liberty means freedom simply speaking and everyone wants to experience and enjoy freedom, nobody wants to live in bondage not at all.

It's human nature to be free.

Having freedom doesn't mean breaking rules and regulations, you can obey the rules and regulations why enjoying total freedom.

Some people are in bondage of sickness, poverty, failure, lack, oppression by spiritual forces and also physical forces and it's painful to be in such conditions.

Jesus Christ death and resurrection has brought us total freedom from such negative things, inorder words you can experience freedom and Dominion over those negative things.