What has been your experience, good or bad, with trading bots?

What is your experience, good or bad, with a trading bot? Even though I am still relatively new in the world of commerce, I have gone through a lot of experiences while playing in the world of commerce, both good experiences and bad experiences. The good experience I have had was that I could make $ 100 profit in one trade and my bad experience in trading was to lose $ 50 in one trade.

My experience is still minimal in this trading world, because I am still a new player in the trading world, there are still many trading masters who are more powerful than me out there. I also initially learned trading from them, but after I found out how to play it I also tried to learn trading myself on several trading websites that you can use as your web trading.

The point is that in trading currencies We must have had good experiences and also had bad experiences, from that experience we must be able to learn better so that in the future we will become a master trading who can reap huge profits from the trading process you do every day. We can make a profit of thousands or even millions of dollars in just one day if we are already great at conducting the trading process.


Most trading bots are shit. The only crypto trading bot that i would recommend to people is this one: https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@niel96/f3zjvustw

They work based on no cure no pay. You only pay for successful trades. That's why i like it.