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Who has had the most influence on you?
It's likely considerably more essential to ask her for what good reason and how this individual had such a great amount of impact on her.

Everyone we meet in life teaches us valuable lessons.

We all go through times when we have the impression of having met hurtful and offensive people, thinking that life was not fair to everyone.

Most of the time, when we are in a difficult situation, we assume the role of the victim, and we feel sorry for ourselves. We simply give up instead of understanding that everything that has happened to us has created an opportunity to transform our personality and give us the opportunity to learn, once and for all, a valuable lesson and move on.

In fact, the situations and problems of the people we attract allow us to learn something. It is thanks to them that our spirit and soul evolve the most. Every person we meet is a very good teacher.

There is a story about a soul who had to choose the best lessons for her, to learn in the next reincarnation, so she decided to learn forgiveness. The soul went to other souls who were also trying to prepare for their next incarnation and asked them to help them learn the lessons.

One of the Souls agreed to take the role of her husband who would sometimes be violent and offensive, hurting her feelings so that she would learn to forgive him.

Another soul agreed to be his mother who would not understand her daughter and omit her development as a person by humiliating her so that she would learn to forgive her mother. The next soul took the role of a best friend who was not there for her in a difficult situation just to, once again, teach her forgiveness, and so on.

Like the Soul, we come to Earth to learn valuable lessons such as forgiveness, patience, acceptance and love. And different people and situations come to us to facilitate our learning. Unfortunately, when we are born, we do not remember the lessons we have chosen to learn, so when people put us in uncomfortable situations and hurt us, we see them as our enemies when in reality they teach us very valuable lessons.

Never forget this when you feel victimized by certain people and circumstances and keep in mind that it is you who have invited this person into your life and you have put yourself in this situation simply to learn a valuable lesson. These people are not your enemies, they just play their role, the same way you play an important role in someone else's life to teach them a valuable lesson.

Make a list of all the people who hurt you and make you feel uncomfortable and look at them from a new point of view. Why were they sent to you? What did you learn from these people? What lesson did you learn?

And if you still have not learned this lesson, this is the perfect time to do it.

Accept these people with a heart filled with love, forgive them and let them go in peace and with deep gratitude. Start by thanking your parents who were your first teachers in this life, then your brothers and sisters, your spouses and children, your friends, your bosses, your neighbors.

Continue to say thank you until the feeling of acceptance and gratitude for the lesson that was presented to you did not totally free your soul from all that is negative.


The person who has had the most influence on my life would be a TV documentry presenter and journalist called Alan Whicker.

Alan Whicker, who died in 2013 was my hero from being a small boy. As a child I would watch his travel documentries, 'Whicker's World' in which he wandered the world talking to interesting people with amazing stories to tell in incredible and often remote parts of the world. They were often on late at night so would have to do a lot of chores and try to be as good as possible to allow me to beg my parents to stay up late and watch, but it was worth it. I was awestruck at the places he visited and the sights he saw. As a kid from a small mining village it was like watching some sort of alternative universe.

He was always so smartly dressed and so polite with his interviewees but was never afraid to ask awkward questions, some of which made me squirm and Imwondered how he dare. His journalistic background shone through though and some of his more controversial subjects were not getting away lightly.

I wanted to see what he saw, I wanted to go to these places and meet interesting people around the world too.

My favourite of his programs were the ones where he visited Hong Kong, especially in the late 60s and 70s and even today I can watch these shows again and again on DVD and You Tube. 

Hong Kong at that time was still under British rule as it had been leased from China on a 99 year lease in 1898. For me it was an incredible melting pot of East meets West. Traditional trading junks filled the harbour plying their goods and the streets were awash with weird and wonderful food and animals awaiting the pot and the language was loud and foreign. Skyscrapers and buildings were being constructed everywhere and this whole melee was punctuated by aircraft banking low across the harbour as they made their short final into the infamous Kai Tak airport which was bang in the city centre. Alan would be there, at the British press club sipping on a dry Martini. He was the James Bond of travel journalism!

It wasn't about the travel and glamour and the average working peoplemwith interesting tales tomtell he interviewed. He was so respected, he got excousive and now famous interviews with somemofmthe most evil leaders then world has ever known including Papa Doc Duvalier and Idi Amin. He was still a true journalist at heart.

After I left school, I started a career, went back to university and my thoughts of exotic faraway destinations all but forgotton. Marriage and mortgage soon followed until 2004 when everything changed.

In 2004 my business collapsed, soon followed by my marriage and home. Everything gone. I was sat one day on the computer when I came across an knterview with Alan Whicker in which he was reminiscing about his life and his travels.thatnight I booked a ticket to Laos as I hadnsomemonline friends there and 4 days later found myself in a small guest house in downtown Vientiane, sweating profusely and staring at a plate of god knows what!

Two weeks later upon returning home, the bug had bitten and over the next 7 years, my travels had become longer than my time in the UK and I eventually got myself into a position where I could settle down again, this time in Thailand, not my first choice but a very good close second and very easynto live simply and cheaply.

Hong Kong?

Yes, I went many times, usually bookending a trip and I visitied all the places that were left that he had visited and tried to recreate those times I saw onthe TV so many years ago. Sadly though, Hong Kong had reverted to Chinese rule at the end of the lease and their were no Junks on the harbour. The airport had long since closed and was now out off town however, I still treat myself to a cocktail at The Penisula Hotel where the Green Rolls Royces still ferry the guests to and from the airport and take a trip across to the Island on the Star Ferry. One of the last steps back into a bygone era and I smile and raise a glass to Alan Whicker, the man who gave me love of travel and inspiration tommeet all the amazing and interssting people Ive met over the years from all around the world!




My mom!!

She has been the most compelling individual in my life till date, and I have full confidence that she would dependably manage me towards the correct way. Not just my mother, relatively every mother in this world does likewise for their children, however there's a motivation behind why each mother is one of a kind and today I going to discuss my mom's uniqueness.

One quality that my mom has imparted in me is that of PATIENCE!! She consistently used to recount to me of her accounts on how she needed to battle for her fundamental rights and that keeping persistence was the main weapon throughout the years that took things back to ordinary. I intend to state, its not constantly required to respond in a split second to a few issues. Some of the time keeping persistence and sitting tight for the correct minute additionally gives you achievement!!

Something else that she has instructed me(and I feel pleased to state) is to avoid trouble makers and take a stab at abstaining from utilizing awful and injurious dialects. I truly feel energized when she enlightens me regarding how she was adored by her educators amid her schooldays and the honors she used to win for her greatness in both acadaemics and social conduct.

At the point when someone(specially who doesn't have any acquaintance with me) utilizes harsh dialect against me, I truly feel sorry for the one utilizing it. I simply think whether they truly regard their moms and sisters or not and feel tragic about them!! For this very nature, I have possessed the capacity to get regard from my companions who are near me… and not discussing any individual who knows me!!

Since its unrealistic to enroll each instructing in this little post, I will finish up it here. Be that as it may, finally I would state that its extremely difficult to get such moms who alongside adoration ( not visually impaired love) additionally demonstrate to you the right way by keeping up a harmony among affection and strictness!!


Roger Hamilton & Core Love.

Oh yeah, and probably parents first and foremost.


My kin impacted my life the most when I was growing up. I have taken in a broad measure from them. My mother exhibited to me legitimate procedures to be appreciative and perceive basic things for the span of customary day by day presence. She showed to me best practices to appreciate and versatile in the midst of hardships and burdens. My father, obviously, showed to me the genuine tremendousness of liberality and consistent work.

When I was for all intents and purposes nothing, I experienced youth in a little house with my kin and 4 family. Our parlor was in addition our room. My mother used to offer bits of garments, refreshments and a broad assortment of treats from house to house with the genuine goal to help my father, who worked in an association enhancement relationship around by then.

Life was so troublesome amidst those occasions and we were among the less blessed ones who don't have that much for the term of standard every day presence. I remembered amidst my central years in school, I used to wear an equivalent school shoes and sack for a long time. My mother used to go to the repair shop all together for my ragged out school shoes and sack to be settled with the target that I would be able to utilize them anew.

Despite how we were sufficiently fortunate to eat three times each day, I ate rice and simply having salt and pork oil as viand for supper.

My energy has been extraordinary and our family encountered a great deal of battles yet I'm upbeat and satisfactorily grateful to have gatekeepers who secured with the genuine target to permit us our well ordered requirements for the span of ordinary everyday presence. As a result of them, I understands how to respect and to set aside some cash from the get-go for the term of standard everyday presence. When I was in audit school, I used to keep some left over coins from my school supper exchange and set away it out a bank for it to make with the target that I could utilize them for my future needs. It earned a noteworthy extent of premium which have helped my family amidst the time when we are at the top of the priority list blowing need of cash.

In this manner, now that I have my very own family, I could pass on the heritage that my kin had set me up when I was youthful. Moreover, these are to respect hardwork, to be grateful and perceive crucial things for the term of normal everyday presence, and to be constant and strong amidst troublesome occasions.

My kin are my most prominent impact for the length of normal everyday presence and I owe to them what I had feasibly progressed toward getting the chance to be in this life.


My mom.

I'm sure a ton can relate to what I am will state. As a youngster, I was to a great degree joined to my mom. As far back as my infant years I hung about her. As I started growing up, a bond started to grow as well. An insightful bond additional to the enthusiastic affiliation that youngsters have for their people.

Mother and I used to have these long talks in the nighttimes after school when my kin used to be out playing and I in view of nonappearance of buddies, used to remain at home. At home, we used to cook something for ourselves (other than the dinners) and eat as mother depicted her childhood stories.

Unavoidably, I favored mother's association more than my allies (colleagues who lived far away. Everything is far away in a city). My mom used to be an energetic peruser in her adolescence and she had the kind of philosophical understanding that comes typical to someone who examines a ton. It was outstandingly lighting up, every one of her jokes. These jokes I can't allude to if you ask me yet I remember them at whatever point I'm in a similar situation.

Each one of her words and her being sway my every action and decision.

Hardly any years earlier, when I was in a Dharam sankat (moral aggravation)( to be sure, a toss with a man is to some degree an ethical distress), it was mother who inadvertently admonished that a man should have the experience of achieving something purposeless to appreciate the centrality of achieving something noteworthy.

As I would take off to school, my mom gave me two activities

1) Never hurt someone else with your exercises and you be sufficiently strong not to get harmed by such exercises of others.

2) Stay a long way from researchers. As in any person with a capacity in craftsmanship. You may start to look all starry peered toward at their capacity and disdain them for the deformities they have which are only typical in any person.

The last one is endeavored and attempted, while the past one I learnt it the most troublesome way imaginable.

My mom has been with me through every rapture and each scrape, as her words over years or up close and personal. For sure, I don't recall each exchange aside from each word has shaped me and made me the individual I am today.


My dad, Iosif Andriasov, was an endless individual. Each and every through hello voyage, Iosif helped individuals from an extensive variety of different establishments: his family, janitors, skilled workers, chairmen, the discouraged in this way some more. Despite where they started from, my dad endeavored to pass on the message of fairness with adoration, being not all that terrible and kind, instructing individuals to be solid with, a term he considered, "Great Qualities." This was not a religious exposure, yet rather a typical watchfulness and the steady work on himself.

Everything, similar to my dad would state, must be in congruity. On the off chance that somebody, for instance, is 9 out of 10 in skating, in any case shoots the puck 6 out of 10, by then that player is in disharmony and should secure to pass on their shooting to a more raised entirety. Same is the situation of thinking about somebody. In the event that a man is cautious just for a brief time assignment, by then all the work done is worthless at long last, in light of the way that in travel, the individual will as time goes on show their honest to goodness nature of being a juvenile person. It is super essential to constantly handle one self, paying little notice to how high a level you have accomplished. This is an unending joy and once you feel it is done, you will lose certainly.

My dad gave such an imperative number of stunning plans to help individuals for an incomprehensible term and left a heritage that brings the yearning for future ages after his passing, which was on November sixteenth, 2000 in New York City. Despite the manner in which that it has always been a loathsome affair for me since he passed away, fortunately I had, inside me, the instruments and basically more basically the need and need to help individuals in transit. His end did not give me an out to manage on dreadfully to everyone around me and the outside world. His demolition simply settled in me the entire commitment to proceed with this custom paying little personality to the expense and torment allocated by others. It is my total understanding that in life you can't and ought not associate with individuals who are completely outside in endeavoring to help and harbor others. By ousting myself from different individuals who pass on pain to others has made it conceivable for me to survive and to succeed in helping anybody willing to open their hearts and psyches.

"By persevering through a reward from wrongdoers, one changes into an accomplice to the blameworthy gatherings." 

This aphorism, which was said by my dad in an amazing middle in the Soviet Union, while removing the respected Lenin Prize, is the most ideal approach to manage start the experience I will take clearing up his circumstance for the length of ordinary everyday presence. Regardless of what the control that could have come to somebody saying a consider, for instance, this in the midst of the 70's, his inner quality and non-wavering incredible position gave him full appropriate to express a contemplate, for instance, this. My dad never regarded the trees that most upgrade the situation their own exceptional leeway in either cash or calling. He had an ethical guarantee to be in congruity with his internal character. Iosif would dependably say that the conditions in life endeavored him on the off chance that he was unsurprising with his ethical procedures for learning. In the event that my dad would have fumbled in any of these minutes, by then all the work and exertion he made would not be in kind disposition. As time goes on, he would have neglect to be a true blue blessed individual, one that did not trade off his affections for stock, impact, and whatever remains of this current life's unimportant fortunes. By taking anything from somebody you


My father

My father has reliably been the most influential individual in my life since he needs me to win to a more vital degree than he could in his lifetime, all he needs is for me to make a successs of my life and surely advocated paying little respect to the short and obliged proportion of time that I spend on Earth.

He just went to common primary school and did not make it past that but instead he got his validation from a technicicon.

He can't spell words in English other than the basic "Hey" or "How are you" yet he has continued life better than anything anyone in our family would ever dream of.

He is by and by related with various errands around South Africa and has been a markdown precious stone setter for up to 3 decades.

He is the most better than average person that I am mindful of and any person who winds up familiar with him can't clear up the measure of a stunning individual he really is and I am not endeavoring to state this since he is my father.

He has adjusted heaps of activities throughout everyday life and has uncovered to me various tales about it also. He is kindhearted and revering and no one can seem to get enough of him.

He has demonstrated to me various life practices that have served me well in my time as of not long ago and I have carried on his legacy and spread his words to people around me.

He has taught me to be tolerant with things and to reliably put my best when I achieve something. He has demonstrated to me best practices to respect others and moreover how to get others' respect subsequently. He has educated me to be direct in any case. He has trained me to be the best individual I could ever be and I am respected that I am prepared to appreciate this while he is still here with me. He is one of the primary people that I can consider a father and moreover a friend. He has educated me to make a stunning most also yet moreover to revolve around where I should be later on.