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What is your description of an ideal life?
An ideal life is based on a person's preference.
Your ideal life may be totally different from mine due to our diverse preferences and values.
My ideal life is a life full of comfort, less struggle and generally happy.
Being able to help the people I can at all times and being loved for who I am.

Before you settle down on defining what an ideal life would be to you, you must first answer some personal questions.
* What would make me happy?
* What can I do that will make people happy?

These two things amongst others is a pointer and determinant of an ideal lifestyle
The purpose of life is something that you will understand as you climb higher the mountain of life. As you gain a bigger point of view, you will better understand the journey itself, by looking back and by being more able to anticipate what's ahead. The purpose of life is manifested by taking a journey, not by establishing a pleasant or interesting explanation or a definition for oneself. The purpose of life is not a justification. The purpose of life is not a substitute for anything. The purpose of life is something waiting for you to discover. You can only find it by taking this journey, by following the path, by learning as you walk and by gaining greater perspective and understanding gained while a person becomes an adult in the Knowledge Way.
 You have come from somewhere and you will return to that place. You have come to bring kurnia-kurnia to the world. The purpose of your great life is contained in this idea. Because of your origin and your destiny, you have something more grand to give to the world, something the world can not give to you. Your Kurnia is hidden inside you like a secret cargo, but you can not access it until you have advanced. Then it will begin to appear, slowly and gradually, all by itself. Those who are impatient, ambitious, passionate and fanatics can not travel in this way, because they can not obey a greater journey. They can not live without a definition or explanation because they are too unstable to do so.
An Ideal life is when people remember you for your deeds, after your time in this world has elapsed.

Purpose of life is nothing!! Even if you and me did not exist , it would not have made any difference to life. Life continues to go on, whether we are in its path or not.

The only way your life will be meaningful is when you have done something good for your race. For example, Gandhiji and Martin Luther King set the path for attaining freedom for their country. These people will be remembered by all of humanity because of their deeds and doing what is right. They not only showed the way for their own people, but also made other people in different countries fight for their freedom irrespective of their caste,color or religion.

Hence, an ideal life is not defined by what others have done for you, but what you have done for others.
Before entering into the core of the discussion of matter is "Ideal Human Concept from time to time" we must first know what the ideal human meaning. The ideal human term is used, some call the perfect human, complete man, whole man, superior man, capable human, complete man, human dream, and many more. Vocabulary may be many, but the notion will not be much different. The term human perfect, complete, complete, or complete, more emphasis on the development of all the basic characteristics of human beings. The name of a qualified human, or superior man, emphasizes skill or skill abilities. While the term human dream, or ideal human, the same as the human aspired, but I think that in this world a perfect human will never exist.

While the word "concept" according to Big Indonesian Dictionary, means picture, or image. Thus the definition of "ideal human concept" is the image or picture in the minds of most people, about the best known human traits. Because in truth, the attempt to become a perfect human being, it is an endless process, or lasting until death. During the life of the body, everyone still has a chance to be better, and better yet, far from perfect.

Having a happy relationship, perfect health and fitness, no financial worries, interesting witty reliable friends....That would be it for a start.

First, an ideal person is Jesus Christ.
An ideal if is a way or pattern of life suitable for emulation it is a path of life worthy of I citation, it is a type of life that has positive thoughts about life.
The person who is ideal, he must have some special qualities. An ideal person is an asset of the nation. He must be polite, honest, gentleman, faithful, integrity, mature, self-confident and so on. He always behaved well with others. He also gives respect to the senior person and give pity to the children. As a ideal person he must contribute for the nation. Sometimes he also take some measures for the welfare of the nation. He can't do any types of work which can harm our nation development. Otherwise, he want to do who can he developed the nation.

independence from state, independence from the employment lobby , financial and mental independence
living in a place where i CHO0SE to live , living on internet money that's worth a lot more in some places than it is in a lot of others
living in a place where no one gets unless invited
living in a place where humans are scarce
starting projects til' they run then leave it for a share to the team that helped build it and move to the next
build a castle for my cat

love is a bonus
There is no such definition for perfect life, it is profoundly subjective.

As indicated by me you are carrying on with a perfect life,

When you feel upbeat and substance with what you have with no desires.

When you can have a serene and sound rest, with no stresses.

When you are the explanation behind somebody's joy.

When you do what you feel is correct and not what you get a kick out of the chance to do.

When you check your blessings(gratitude) regular, rather than objections, despise or hard feelings.

That's a really good question. An ideal life is such that a purpose for living existed that made life and all it's joys as well as it's trials and tribulations feel worthwhile. It would be a life lived in accordance with one's deeply held values. Eternal happiness is and impossible goal. It is much better to ask oneself what things bigger than oneself one really values and strive for those things.