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For me it depends on the situated in hand, if I am studying for an examination or I want to read a Novel I will prefer a book but if I want to research I prefer a computer with an internet connection as it will take me straight to the points.
Books and computer both are our daily requirements in our day to day life. Today the trend of new youngsters mind is diverted towards computer more rather than books. World has grown much higher in technology and new things which make humans life more easy through computer.

Books are also says to be our best friend and it has deep knowledge and can spend our time anywhere anytime to read it. While there are also computers which has pdf of such books which are now a day easy to read. But books can keep our eye safe and if we operate more computer then it might get our eye blindness problem. But the use of computer now a days has increased a lot where you can find each and every thing related to any books any thing in google. So i think i love to use computer which is interesting thing in my life and books are also not bad but reading books its not my hobby.
Books and computer are our best friends and we can never leave them in life.
It has been said in the Gita - "Knowledge of freedom is not possible", that is, liberation is not possible without knowledge. There are mainly two ways of attaining knowledge - Satsangati and 'Swadhyay'. Tulsidasji said, while saying the glory of the Sattangati, "Bin Satsang Vivek Naa Hai", but the attainment of the Sattva Sangit is dependent on Ramkumar. If God is pleased, then the person will get satsangati.

But books are readily available everywhere. An important source of knowledge-books. Today's world's oldest books are also available to us. There is abundant literature available in every language. Each person can expand his knowledge horizons by studying according to his ability.

There was an era when the publication of books was not possible. The medium of knowledge was the voice. More food items were available. The compositions on which the compositions were written. But after the invention of the printing press in today's era, the thoughts of sages, philosophers, thinkers and writers are available in printed form. Therefore, we can make our life corrupt by studying them.

There is no bad disease with unwise. That's why it has been said - better alone than a bad company That is, solitary confessions are far more perfect. The books are co-operatives of solitary. They are our friends who in turn do not want anything from us. He educates the life of this people and improves the life of the world.

Books are our friends who help us in every place and every period. This is the reason why many people keep Bhagwat, Gita, Hanuman Chalisa, Guruvani always with them, and keep on reciting them when they get time.
It can be understood by a very easy speech and essay to learn and understand the subject of the computer. The computer is a high tech search, which should be understood about the importance of using it and in life. It is very liked by children. So let's do something creative in the education of children through it. For this, easy and understandable essays have been presented within some words borders such as 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 words.
Your questions says is either i choose book or computer.
Now let look at the definition of the two concept(book and computer)

What are books? A book is a series of pages that are assembled for easy portability and reading, as well as the composition contained in it.

What is a computer? : A computer is a machine that are mostly electronic which is able to take information, and process it to make new information.

How are the two related?
The two contain information written on it by someone,for this to be in use they must be someone that will fill in information that people will be able read and understand.
This two always contain information either relevant or non relevant.

The difference!!
There are significantly much difference between this two.
Let solve!!
# Long lasting:
A book is written with ink and it can exceed any amount of page, it is visible at any time if not damage by fire or erased ink.
The computer can store a load of information for years to come and will intact if not damage or attack with malicious error.
But the computer is at safer hand than the book because it can be stored on diffrent device and even blockchain storage system has killed the book already.
My Vote: (computer)

# Prone to attack:
So the two are prone to attack at anytime...
The book can get torn at anytime and it wont be an easy task to be able to retrieve expecially when it is written in just one copy
The computer can also get damage but before its been used it is always advisable to the user to make back up. So it is easy to retrieve.
Backup can be availabe for computer but may not be available for books
My vote:( computer)

# Electronic vs non electronic:
Book are not view with use of electronic. They can be easily view at anytime whether in the dark or lightness.
Computer can only be use whe there is electricity, even though it has a long lasting battery, it will still need electric to be available for charging.
My vote: (Book)

#Deep Information soughting:
The book can be use to sought information but it can go deep than that which is written in the book.
The computer can be use to sought more and more information deeper because it is a device that collect information from diffrent source around the globe.
My vote: (computer)

Conclusively: based on my little observation and voting i would rather choose computer over book because i will surely get more information on computer than the information will give me.

Hope i answered your question.
Enjoy your reading!!

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Well both have their own significance in our life.
We cant survive without the both.
But with the advancement of technology, we have ebooks which are replacing the traditional paper books.
Now we can access all the information with just one click of our computer.
In future there might be computers which completely replace books.
For me they serve the same goal - information. If i had to choose, for sure i'd take computer. It's like comparing "eggs or english breakfast"
Computer is just an advanced book.

I used to be a book lover when I was younger. Until I stumbled upon a computer. I was so fascinated about how the analog live can be digitized. So I dumped books for computers and I have never regretted it.
Definitely computers. There's so much you can do on a computer at once and you get so much more content, even content from decades ago.
Why not both? It depends on situation and mood. Sometimes when I feel like I want to read the book I bought then I will go for the book provided I'm in the quiet environment. As for the computer, mostly ​to do my works.