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Which is healthier water or milk?
Both or none :)

Water (clean water!) is good to keep hydrated. Drinking only milk for your hydration would mean quite some calories.

(Fun fact: In the ancient world and middle ages water often wasn't safe to drink so most of the people drank beer which was made safe via its fermentation. It only had little alcohol, but a lot people drank beer early in the morning and even children did.)

On the other hand milk has a lot of good things. It's relatively low on fat and high on protein. Protein is often lacking in our food intake in the civilised world. Milk contains a lot of calcium which children need for their growth and with is needed for bone health especially for the elderly. You can ingest other dairy products: butter, cheese, yoghurt,

One problem of milk consumation are allergies, but the foremost problem is lactose-intolerance. In short: thousands of years ago there was gene mutation, probably in Europe, and that's why most Europeans can digest cow milk and people from other parts of the world might not. Even with those "mutants", the ability to digest dairy products decreases if you stop drinking milk after your childhood.


milk and water
Milk is a white nutritious fluid produced by mammalian milk glands, one of them humans. Milk is the main source of nutrition for babies before they can digest solid foods. Animal milk (usually beef) is also processed into various products such as butter, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, sweetened condensed milk, milk powder and others for human consumption.

Today, milk has many functions and benefits. For a productive age, milk helps their growth. [1] Meanwhile, for the elderly, milk helps support the bone so as not to porous. Milk naturally contains important nutrients, such as various vitamins, proteins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc, another opinion adds that milk contains minerals and fats. [2] Therefore, everyone is encouraged to drink milk. Now a lot of milk is packaged in a unique shape. The purpose of this is for people interested in buying and drinking milk. There is also milk in the form of fermentation. While drinking water is water used for human consumption. According to the health department, the drinking water requirements are tasteless, odorless, colorless, contain no harmful microorganisms, and do not contain heavy metals. But doctors recommend drinking water
Our body consists of 80% water, so water should be consumed for us to stay alive.

However, new studies have shown that Milk is far more healthier then any sports drink or water because it has a high protein source, calcium and of course carbohydrates.

Milk can be consumed when the body is dehydrated and assists in the body to get rehydrated again especially among kids. Moreover Milk is the primary source of food for new born babies as they can't consume solid foods.

Water is mandatory for survival, but Milk is more healthier than water.
Water is definitely healthier although milk taste pretty good. I have been drinking loads of milk every week.
both is healthy, depending on purpose, quantity, and for what reasons.

for a baby, mother's milk is not just healthy it's essential. For example, a newborn baby within 1-2 months cannot properly ingest food, and will get sick and possibly die if you only give it water and try to feed it.

water is is also essential for most living things, but once again too much later even digested in humans can cause death (it's called Water intoxication)

if you mean for an average adult, then other assumptions need to be made, are they lactose tolerant, are they malnourished in protein, do they have any other diet issues, do they have any auto-immune disease affected by water or milk consumption.

note; there are some cultures who survives on water to supplement the lack of water for all their adult lives.
Between the two I think milk is healthier than water. But need this two things for our human body. By talking milk we can get energy and power to do work. What if this is water, which another name is life. So, we should not drink water for healthier body. We can't think about our life without water.