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How could we know if our life is miserable?
Being miserable boils down to how you see life and what you make of it. The essence of life and how you intend to handle it. Anyone who doesn't understand how the world works will definitely be miserable because it will all seem like magic. Anyone who is unhappy and uncomfortable. When you are unhappy nothing makes sense to you anymore. The person will be angry at the world, family and friends. The person picks offence at every little thing even when it's a compliment. And when this happens, people will begin to stay away from that person then loneliness steps in. Before you know it the person might want to take his or her life.
The first thing i think would be is that, if we could post things here, I think we got a reasonably good life. I think it depends on what variables we are weighing when we want to see if our life is miserable. I guess, we gotta read more books on motivation and find something that we love to do then we will have a fulfilling life no matter what the situation is.

And of cause it's not good to compare ourselves with others who are much more successful. Who knows how much suffering and work they have been through in order to get to this level in life.
by comparing to others(which is not healthy)
4 Signs that Your Life Will Forever Passion

1. People who like to complain

When given motivation he feels I can't, I can't. When you are given this video with your friends, There are only reasons for your friends to say that this doesn't suit me. I have my own way of thinking, when I was advised he said that he had not started yet,he always says he can't, I can't. Then I just wanted to work, he said I was old, I didn't work, I couldn't, Then just going to work he said I was old, I didn't work I wasn't able, basically he was typical of people who in my mindset had problems. People like this are the types of people who will forever be miserable. Because of what ? because people like this are people who don't want to learn, don't want to be advised, Because of what ? because people like this are people who don't want to learn, don't want to be advised, but usually just complain. Given any income by his parents always feels lacking. This type of human type is very difficult to be grateful. This type of human is the type of person I think he lives in his own world.

2. You always see problems in every situation

So the example when someone is struggling his friend is struggling to achieve a more successful career, you are always the type that always bullying. It's not the type that encourages but always sees you instead laughs at your friends. Even though your friend is struggling, your friend wants to fight for his life better. Your friend is trying to achieve a more accomplished life, he is chasing turnover but you are even laughing at. You are the type of person who actually bullying, it is not encouraging.
You always say that always seeing problems, you are not praising, instead of giving an appreciation, instead you see problems.

You Feel that seeing other people happy or successful that you suffer instead you are miserable you always complain.

3. You don't want to be blamed

When you are given a responsibility and the responsibility is not completed then always throw that responsibility at others. You blame your brother, blame your brother, blame you, blame your friend, blame your employee, blame your boss, blame your customer, blame your partner.

When you are given a positive advice you actually have thousands of rejections in your brain and mindset.

4. Personal Which type of claimant

You are usually just demanding, rather than contributing but demanding. It works one requires five, it works 8 hours his friend also works 8 hours but asks for more salary. The turnover is so much but requires more, and after being given the right instead of being grateful instead of thanking you