What makes Appics unique?

Uniqueness of APPICS :

Appics is a next generation social media application, build on steem-blockchain. It has introduced a new ecosystem that merges lifestyles with generated earnings inside a simple mobile app. Simply it's quite similar to Instagram, where you can post photos and videos also you can chat with friends. The app has many similar features with other social medias and has some advance features those make it unique from others. Let’s see the advantages of APPICS :

Reward System : The appics app turns like into currency & it has its won cryptocurrency called XAP. When someone likes your post & gives you a upvote, some cryptocurrency generate in your post, which is convertible into other cryptocurrencies or into fiat currencies.

Easy to use : APPICS is as easy as the Facebook is easy to use, just install the appics app or go to the appics Web page and simply sign up free of cost within a minute. Despite of earnings, you can show you talent to the world through appics. You can talk with so many new people and make new friends from all over the world.

Best Supports : Already the app has sixteen different selected topics and the contents of each topics are judged by sixteen different teams of experts. In my personal experience, I found the appics team is so down to earth, they seek every comforts of the users, that's why they have a official Telegram group to talk directly with the users.

Well, still the app isn't launched fully, only the early investors and team members can access it now. But hope it'll be launched completely soon at the end of 2018. To become a early user, you can head to the website of appics and sign up for free of cost.

Sources : @appics, appics.com & personal experience.


Source : https://medium.com/@appics

This is what makes Appics unique:

1. Appics rewards creativity and passion. This platform offers everyone the opportunity to use their potential, their ideas and to realize themselves.

By sharing, choosing or commenting on content, social media activities have a completely new meaning.

Thus, the application is not just a "game changer", here users and users are not only kings, but also part of the institute. This is part of a large project and adds value and corporate structure.

2. Appics is a social platform - an unusual social network, known for its data scandals, but an amazing, sustainable and social platform - to develop user-friendly mobile applications to reach people around the world, to support them and have the skills, enthusiasm, input, content, and contributions that are commented on and appreciated by the users themselves.

Source : https://medium.com/@appics

3. Appics has set itself the goal of facilitating the entry of the global community into the crypto world.

Every beginner gets a chance to become a climber!

In Appics, value is created that serves the welfare and benefits of all. A simple peer-to-peer process allows real-time global transactions. On the other hand, the tokens obtained (Appics XAP) can be used for integrated markets.

Innovation, transparency and communication create trust, and Blockchain technology provides security.

While other Big Data companies collect, use, or share customer data, users and Appics users have maximum benefits and control over their data. Here, the social interests between the company and society coincide.

Source : https://medium.com/@appics

4. Applications are not profit-oriented, but are gift-oriented. The application makes users and users winners.

Innovative platforms offer possibilities that were previously unthinkable.

This is more than social media: It creates values ​​and similarities, promotes talent and values ​​passion, and serves through a payment system with its own market. With the help of the Appic "Charity" option, this platform provides global support for social projects.