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Are you selling steem at a low price like 0.35 usd, because you survive from the earning from steem blockchain?

I am not selling at $0.35 USD. But I am not buying it either. And I am not living (or "surviving") on my Steem blockchain earnings either.

I think no one should put their own life only on their Steem blockchain earnings. Especially nowadays with these low prices. But if you have a few hundred thousands Steem Power, then you can live (not just survive) with your Steem blockchain income. Even in these times.

For example: If you have 100 000 Steem Power, then your current (2018.12.02, 17:00 CET) upvote at 100% is $2.54. Ten upvotes per day currently means $25.4. This means that you can earn $762 in a month (30 day) by your own upvotes. This would be more than enough for a living in my country (Hungary). My real life monthly income is currently much less than this. My monthly income in real life nowadays is 68 480 HUF, which is currently (2018.12.02, 17:10 CET) only $240.67 USD, because $1 USD is currently 284.54 HUF,   


@Milaan, I wanted to because i am an "Full Time Steemian" but for sure this is not an right time to sell, instead in my opinion if we accumemlate it we can either power up it or we can sell it when prices are rised. No matter what it's an tough phase and we have to accept it and have to move forward with more enthusiasm and we have to hold the faith because faith can always motivate us.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


The last round I sold at was around $0.47, which was fucking painful.

Yet, did to cover my own ass in case it kept dropping - would’ve preferred to pull out some profits at that rate rather than take an even bigger loss while continuing to wait indefinitely for a rebound.


No - NEvah!! - $0.35 is too cheap - I will HODL till it raise.

From the beginning I did not rely on crypto currency as my main income because it was very risky and dangerous. I prefer to make it a side job.

However, if I experience a case like in the question above, I might keep storing STEEM and look for other work alternatives. Today the price is too cheap to be called "hard work".

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