Do you think a dapp related to photography is much needed dapp on the top of blockchain ? Can it make the steem blockchain more attractive?

Several months ago, steepshot became famous since it was one of the first Dapps for the Steem blockchain. I personally used it for my photography posts.

During that time, it is trying to compete with Instagram (centralized photo sharing app), so Steepshot is the "decetralized" version of it. On top of that, it could directly monetized a user's photography content.

The UI was acceptable at the time of its release and if I remembered correctly, the team who is developing the app actually invested a reasonable amount of Steem power to their own Steemit account ~ of course to reward it's users through upvotes.

Even though Steepshot have an acceptable UI and it's backed by some of the Whales, it seems that it's popularity didn't progress. I can't answer for the others that stopped using the app, but I personally think that it was due to the fact that there is a cut on the earnings of its users ~ meaning part of the user's payout will be donated to Steepshot for its further development. This is what I can think of at that time.

The way I see it now is that the majority of photographers that are sharing their photography contents is for a simple reason that they want to showcase their skills & their artistic point of view of things. Of course, there are some professional photographers who actually intend to sell photos as part of their earnings, but most of us are just happy to share our pictures to the community.

And so aside from a good UI and monetary incentives, I think that a community that appreciates a work of art is the one being revered by the photographer more than anything else. Even if there are a lot of amazing photographers here in Steemit and we have more than one ways to share our work through the Steemit interface or any other Dapps out there, it seems that the lack of engagement and appreciation to the photography contents is actually the one that is preventing the mass adoption of photographers to this amazing technology ~ the Steem blockchain.

So, if we really intend to use photography contents as the selling point for Steemit, I think we must first build a solid community that will consistently create contents and promote the contents outside Steemit.


We already have one in Steem blockchain - Steepshot.io. By far, it is the best dApp for photography in Steem blockchain. It has mobile app for both android and iOS, you can access it through web(desktop or mobile browser too). So it is accessible through all the medium

The UI is cool, it is good for sharing and browsing the images. Much similar to Instagram. You can share photos and also leave comments, much like instagram. I believe it doesn't have photo edit features but I might be wrong since its been a long time using it.

Steem already has many interesting dApps now. When the price go up, even if it is $1 then you will see surge in users.


There is steepshot and also Appics both for Ios and Android versions.


Try Steepshot. It's been around for quite some time. It hasn't been hugely popular but it's a nice addition. Appics is another app that uses the Steem blockchain.

But as Funtraveller pointed out, a community centered around photography is much more important than any particular app. That said, an app that had tools for onboarding new users would be very useful. With a strong photography community, maintaining buying pressure of STEEM through camera manufacturers buying up Steem Power (or SMT power) in order to be able to promote their products by organizing photography contests, for example, would be fantastic. 

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No, there's too many photos out there.


I can't say if photography dapp is a much needed but it is welcome in Steem blockchain. Why not? It would be a great addition to the blockchain and it can likely attract users.

Looking back, Steepshot became popular. I used the platform though I never received support from the app. Thus, I stopped using the app.

Now, there is Appics, which I am trying out. Aside from earning on Steemit, users can likely earn from Appics with XAP coins as SMT launches.



dPixify uses the STEEM blockchain to reward creative commons image contributors.


@Milaan, Not just Photography, in my opinion if we have more Niche Based Dapps then for sure we will going to see Niche based user base on Steem Blockchain and Ecosystem and inturn it will going to expand the value of Steem. Stay blessed. 🙂


There are so many photography dApps and even a photography specific tribe here already.  I am not at all a fan of photography so would hate to see resources wasted on that...