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Musing has already achieved 100% VP, but not curating, what could be the reason? Is there any scheduled maintenance?

To put it simply: All upvotes done by the @musing account are all done manually.

I understand though why some people here have thought that it was done automatically as other platforms like Steemhunt employs a somewhat automatic upvote system that rely on one's user score and total score received by one's comment. If I am not mistaken, only the top 100 comments receive some sort of upvotes/rewards.

Also, seeing that there are only 4(?) musing curators and today is the weekend, then most likely these 4 have quite some fun last night (Good for you guys! XD) or they may have prior personal plans for today so they can't curate atm.

I think my point here is: Give the curators a little break once in a while and that they will eventually get back to curating once they have some time. XD 

Although I also get you as it is indeed a little wasteful for the account to stay 100% for some minutes or hours. XD


The simple answer is Musing.io team only do manual curation and all team members are on-leave currently.