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Why do there have been a lot of active users in dApps like SteemMonsters & Magic-Dice ? One is a dApp related to gaming and other is related to gambling, do you think it is just fun people want to have or something else which is generating more interest among people to use these dApps ?

I can't answer for Magic-Dice, since I don't use that DApp, however, based on my observations and personal experience as a SteemMonsters Player I could say that there is more to it than just the fun to be had playing that keeps me active and invested in it.  

Here are four reasons why users, including myself, remain active and interested in the SteemMonsters DApp. 

First, the DApp is always evolving. Since gameplay was launched a few months ago, SteemMonsters has always had something new for its players. This includes new features like the ability to convert Alpha to Beta Cards, which made sure that pioneer players who started collecting cards since the beginning will be able to keep strengthening their deck even though Alpha Packs are no longer officially available. There are also new items being introduced like the 10 new Rewards Cards, which gave collectors and players something new to play with. And there are also constant improvements with the rules as each tournament progresses, which makes sure that the game is played in a way that's as fair and enjoyable as possible. 

All these changes, improvements, and new additions keep the game exciting for all players, which encourages users like me to keep coming back to the game everyday. This, for me, is the biggest reason for the high activity levels. Because, let's face it. No one wants to be bored online. And there's nothing more boring than a game (or DApp) that just stays the same. In fact, I'm waiting for all the SteemMonsters Beta Packs to be sold, because I'm pretty sure that once those packs go, the SteemMonsters team will be releasing a new set of cards to interest players.

Second, the DApp has something for everyone. SteemMonsters is one of those games, which caters to a wide range of users, aside from your regular gamer. Collectors can have fun growing their card decks and finding rare cards to add to their collection. Traders can earn a bit by buying and selling cards. And of course, the game is an exciting one for players like me. Plus, even if you're not a player, the simplicity of the game makes it easy enough to learn that even non-gamers are quickly getting into the game. As a result, it's a game that's welcoming to everyone, so more and more people are likely to stay active in it. 

Third, there is an active community surrounding the DApp. Composed of developers, gamers, and a good number of active bloggers, the community behind SteemMonsters has been instrumental making sure that engagement and interest within the Steemmonsters community and even those in the larger Steem community is always high. 

From the numerous Tournaments being held for players to the daily blog contests open for all Steem account holders, everyone is sure to find a SteemMonsters related blog post or story in their feed at some point during the day. There are also a lot of other DApps and services like PeakMonsters being developed alongside the main SteemMonsters.com DApp, which encourages more activity and engagement from players. Even regular players are helping create interest for the DApp by posting videos and pictures about their Pack Openings, gameplay strategies, and creative content like stories and artwork for their favorite SteemMonsters characters. And, of course, the SteemMonsters team themselves are always actively providing new content for the community to read and talk about. All of these community-building endeavors ensure that users are always active within the DApp because there's always something happening and there are a lot of people to talk with regarding SteemMonsters.

Finally, there's always the money bit. SteemMonsters Cards are, in a way, a form of non-fungible tokens (NFT). This means that they represent real in-game assets, which players, collectors, and traders can use as a means of exchange or a store of value. As of this writing, the cheapest SteemMonsters card is a Level 1 Rusty Android Common Reward Card priced at $0.03 US, while the most expensive is a Level 2 Lightning Dragon Gold Foil Alpha Card listed for sale at $5,000.00 US. Granted, there is no guarantee that people will buy that card for the price listed. However, given that there are only 19 Level 2 Lightning Dragon Gold Foil Alpha Cards in existence, with no chance to create more since all Alpha Cards have been sold, then the cards rarity makes it a pretty valuable collectible, regardless. The value placed on these cards, therefore make the SteemMonsters DApp a pretty good place to hang out in for those looking to make a buck or two in the blockchain. 

TL;DR: As a SteemMonsters Player, I'm not surprised by the high levels of activity and interest in the DApp. That's because the SteemMonsters team are constantly improving the game and adding new features to keep players interested. There is also an active team and community surrounding the DApp who keep interest in it high with tournaments, contests, and other engaging content. And because the SteemMonsters Cards are more than just a nice set of collectibles, they are actually NFTs that can be used as an effective means of exchange and a store of value. All of these make for an evolving, engaging, and profitable game, which keeps people coming back to it. So, it's really more than just fun.

Hope this helps.



The gaming market and the gambling market both are a huge market whether it is centralized or decentralized. These gaming or gambling sectors are finding or shifting to a demography with the blockchain technology. There are some serious factors which is making this shift of demography and over the years the conventional gaming or gambling paradigm have not offered that level of security and transparency to the users.

With the blockchain technology, it is transparent and secure. The players who are playing, investing and spending time on a game or gambling can now sense that whatever they are winning are their own. The true ownership is now redefined with blockchain technology. Therefore the true ownership of the winning fund is becoming the most important criteria to attract players from the conventional platform to blockchain enabled decentralized applications.

In crypto enabled gaming dapps, the ownership of the users in game items like card game, magic spells or a dice game or gambling, is always being secured and verified with blockchain which is completely transparent and anyone can verify that which one may not experience in the conventional gaming platform. So the crypto enabled dapps are mostly enabling a free market in gaming and gambling category. Further as this market by default is huge, any dapps related to this category are getting more popularity and the values of blockchain technology is making them even more convinced to use these dapps than ever.

Therefore it is not just fun (as one can experience the same fun in the traditional platform too), rather the radical shift of true ownership of the fund one wins and the degree of transparency and fair system on the top of blockchain technology is making the game/gambling more interesting. That is the reason to why the dapps related to gaming and gambling are getting more popularity.


First of all, people love gaming and gambling. Secondly, on a blockchain the users can actually own their digital assets such as Steem Monsters cards as opposed to a centralized platform that can take them away at will. It's also theoretically possible to implement provable fairness on a blockchain-based gambling platform that uses a system of very high quality random number generator. Those are the reasons why gaming and gambling will, I believe, be the killer apps of decentralized platforms.


I don't use Magic Dice, but I am playing Steem Monsters.

In addition to the fun of the gameplay, the cards are worth actual money. You can collect cards by playing the game, and you can trade (buy and sell) cards on the Steem Monsters market. Nowadays you can get rare reward cards either by completing the daily quests and/or by rising on the Leaderboard (reaching various Leagues).

You can get daily and seasonal reward cards. You can receive daily reward cards by completing the daily quests. Seasonal reward cards will be awarded at the end of the season based on the highest league achieved. To receive seasonal reward cards, you must achieve at least the Bronze III League (100 rating). If you reach that, 5 reward cards will be awarded for you at the end of the season. I have reached Bronze II League (400 rating). I will receive 10 reward cards at the end of the season. The current maximum achievable League is the Champion I (4700+ rating). If you achieve that, you will receive 150 reward cards at the end of the season. The current season ends in 10 days, 8 hours, 15 minutes.


To get more financial benefits could be a reason, to have fun could be the second.

But, I think most of the people like to challenge and being challenged. This purpose/interest/motive could be satisfactorily fulfilled on both, Mag-Dice & SteemMonsters.



Hmmm... this just gave me an idea...

Gambling sells.

Sex sells.

Someone should build some sort of gambling game on Steem that entails strippers or something of the sort... 🤔😎