Is it possible to 100% power up our reward what we get in the form of upvote from musing to the question and answer in musing platform?
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Yes. It's as simple as changing a setting in your account.

The setting you will have to change is the "Comment Post Rewards". You can find this setting here: (https://steemit.com/@username/settings). All you have to do is change the default payout from '50% SBD / 50% SP' to 'Powerup 100%'. Once you do that, all your upvotes for Musing.io questions and answers will be powered up to your account.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you do this, though:

First, make sure you're changing the setting for 'Comment Post Rewards' and not 'Blog Post Rewards'. That's because the Steem Blockchain treats Musing.io questions and answers as comments to the main Musing-Posts blog post and not blog as individual blog posts. So make sure you're changing the correct settings. Of course, that is, unless you're the type who uses the "Post to Blog" feature, in which case you will have to change the setting for both. 

Second, not all frontends have access to the "Comment Post Rewards" setting. Steempeak users, for example, only have access to "Default Post Reward". So, changing this setting means changing the setting for all your posts--both comments and blog posts. So, this is actually one of those cases when it's best to use the Steemit.com frontend.

And finally, you cannot isolate Musing.io comments from the rest of the comments you make in the Steem blockchain. Meaning, you will not just be changing the setting for Musing.io, you be changing the setting for all your comments. So, it's good to keep this in mind before changing your default settings, especially if you're active in other Steem platforms.

Hope this helps.

Yes that is possible.

Go through the following steps.

STEP(1) Go to https://steemit.com/@username/settings. Replace the username with your id which is milaan.

STEP(2) Scroll down the page and in the "preference" section you can see the "comment post reward" which is by default set at 50% SBD/ 50%SP. Click on that and select "Power up 100%". You are good to go now.

Note- Please bear in mind that in musing when you do not enable "post to blog", every answer or question is a comment by default in steemit. So if you change the setting of "comment post reward" then you can get all reward 100% power up. If you enable "post to blog" and want your reward 100% power up then you have to change the setting of "blog post reward" to "100% power up" too.

Thank you and Have a great day.

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Thanks mate, this was really helpful.

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Most welcome my friend.

Thank you and Have a great day.

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Your Rewards from Musing-io activities are reflected in your Steemit account . Thus you can power up 100% if you so desire apart from the default power up of 50%.