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What is "UTXO" - very often I see this in a conversation related to bitcoin ?

Well based on my own understanding about the blockchain industry,

The UTXO is actually the unspent output from the bitcoin transactions on the blockchain,usually it is a known fact that Each

bitcoin transaction actually begins with the coins which are usually used to totally balance the ledger....also the UTXOs are usually processed in a continuous manner and also really

responsible for the actual beginning and also ending of each transaction..... the usual Confirmation of the transaction actually results into the actual removal of the total spent coins out from the UTXO database....

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UTXO is a cash book that records the value of money contained in each address, such as cache for the blockchain. When a new transaction is created, UTXO is updated: the money from the sender's address will be reduced and the recipient's address will receive the value sent. UTXO is more like a central database in a centralized database system.

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