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As a minnow do you really enjoy whales-fight on steem blockchain?

No I don't.

Whales are one of the most important members of steem community. They are the face of the platform. Whatever they do, the way they do reflects how this amazing platform is being perceived.

Now we have to understand that all this users are passionate people and have their own thoughts and opinions as how this platform should work. When such devoted people are working together, sparks are sure to fly as it happens in every walks of life.

Main point of debate among the whale community is the use of bots. On a personal note I think this platform should get rid of bid bots and promote manual curation. This will not only increase human interaction but also will give rise to more communities within the platform with variety of personal interests.

Right now what is happening is that people are misusing power of bots and their own whale steem power to promote even shit posts resulting in the reward pool abuse.

But everybody do have the freedom to utilise this blockchain system as they feel good. So it becomes everyone's responsibility that good ethics are maintained and good content are appropriately rewarded

As for all the whales I suggest you to support newcomers as much as you can because minnows are the ones which will help the steem platform to grow in future. Flagging someone just because of a one liner insult will reduce your resource credits which can be used to boost a good content producer.

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Well I'm probably in the minority here (and most likely the only one too) but honestly, I do enjoy reading a little whale-fight once in a while on Steem as it shows that this platform has the potential to be a replacement of the current social media platform 'normies' are using right now, platforms where dramas are on 24/7.

Their silly banters show that there is freedom of speech in here and proves that no one has the ability to censor anyone. The most an account can do is flag someone to oblivion but that account can still make a post or reply although it now shows "Hidden due to low ratings". 

What I hate though is how they are boosting their posts straight to Trending. I do find the fights entertaining as it seems getting to know these people in person, but it is indeed not nice to see those kind of posts on the Trending section especially if it's just an an ad hominem attack or an over-the-line insult to anyone.

My point is, I do enjoy the whale-fights but I condemn the use of bidbots or services just to boost the post to Trending/Hot. :)


No. I think Bernie’s antics are largely harmful and pointless. All those big heavy flags could have easily created a few active and well intentioned dolphins by now.

The whale fights are quite absurd and often just people posturing about, trying to prove their self worth. Imagine if the likes of Bernie actually built something on the Steem blockchain? He could fun the entire project with upvotes alone. And yet, all he does is insult Ned and pick fights with whales.

It’s insanity. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.


Not really, even the most popular whale fight in Steemit history didn't amuse me.

I think that whale fight is just their way of displaying how powerful they could be over the other. I'm on the optimistic side of things and so I'd rather look for solution instead of going to an argument of who's right or wrong.

Of course everyone is entitled with their own opinion and everyone can speak their mind. I just wished that their is a better way to do it instead of an argument that will lead to a numerous unnecessary flagging and so on.

This is just my personal opinion about it and of course the others may have their own take about it.


@berniesanders looks insane to many people but I think he does raise some important points regarding Steem's issues.

# Overcentralised

Steem Inc still holds 80% of all Steem directly and indirectly.

# Too much weightage of SP

Shitty posts authored by a whale with hundreds thousands of SP gain more exposure than quality posts from minnows with only several hundred SP.


NO!!!, That drama is S-T-0-0-P-1-D.

why they dont try to solve it in the right way, maybe they meet each other, talk to each other via Discord or anything else that can solve the problem. It's not good to spread war everywhere.  They are acting like GOD! even they are not.


Fighting is never good, no matter who are the implicated parties and I never enjoy fighting. 

As a minnow, I do my job on Steemit, no matter if there's a fight or not. I'm here to build, to do good, not to fight or hurt others. If I can't do any good, then I walk away. 

I've heart there were some serious fights on Steemit but I was lucky I wasn't registered back then and honestly it was not my place to check out what's happened. 

I know some users have more power than others, and they can actually use it to do harm, to destroy others, which, again  is not good. Fighting can influence everything is a very bad way and we don't want that.


NO. But there's really nothing I can do when they fight. I just sit, grab some popcorn and watch them fight their asses off. I don't even take sides. If I have commented on the post before the fight started, I immediately take off my comments to avoid stories that touch in the future.