Is it possible to post a question or answer in musing with the tags of various tribes of steem-engine such as palnet, steemleo, neoxian, realityhubs, etc?

Since musing was launched way before even Steem Engine, so technically or by design it is not possible.

But, it can be done with some tricks or you can say with some cheating in the following two steps...

STEP 1: First of all, the author of the question must have selected these tags while posting the question.

STEP 2: The author of the answer must have selected or checked the option `"Post to blog"` (from the right top corner of the editor) while submitting the answer.

...and, VOILA!, your answer should be appeared in the chosen tribes' condensors as well.

(Now, you can understand, why I called it "cheating". Authors of question and answer must have pre-decided what they wanna accomplish.)

NOTE: I haven't tested it, but logically and theoritically, it should work.



The fact is that you may not be able to even post questions if a tag isn't included in your question post and that's why there is always an option or space for tags relating to your questions before posting them. The main reason for using tags when posting questions is because it gives the expert an insight and proper understanding on what you are asking and it also stores your post on the steem blockchain relating to the attributed tags used.

When it comes to answering questions and you feel like including a tag in your post, it's very easy to do that. All you need is to use the hash symbol (#) with no space followed by your tag. A good example is #musing, #tutorial, #question. When this is done, it displays as a tag post with blue colouration when posted to your blog on Steemit.

In conclusion, it is very possible to make use of tags in both your questions and answers when posting them on Musing.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.