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There are so many ideas buried in your brain, Do you think musing is a way to explore those ideas?

Most times we don't actually know the exact knowledge we hold until we are face with a question and that's why exams are a test of knowledge after months or years of study. So to really verify the ideas we believe we have in our brain, we ought to solve a need for an inquisitive person and that's the reason why musing serves as a medium for exploring such ideas.

There's something I realized here in musing, the more I answer questions, the more knowledge I gain on that subject. So musing doesn't only help explore what we have install in our head but also open one up to areas we didn't understand at first. Thus the statement

"The more you teach, the more you learn"

Our brain gain more ideas directly proportional to how often we use it, so I strongly agree with the user that musing platform is a way to exploring those ideas because it help put one brain into use thereby exploring other aspects one's brain has been dormant.


Yea musing is a way to release those different ideas that are in the brain. When I started answering questions on musing, my brain started to burn after answering just short questions which had open ended questions. These questions were free to answer with very little constraints yet the way to answer the questions wasn't at all easy. After about a month and hundreds of these questions, my brain has been upgraded and is able to have answers.

Sometimes while answering the question, something inside my brain gets unlocked and I get new ideas or while I read answers from others. I usually go to the search and see the things I want to understand about. Musing is like this decentralized Wikipedia for blockchain knowledge. I have answered probably more than five hundred questions to date. Each question yields about two hundred words and usually I spend about ten to fifteen minutes sometimes on a question. I think it is important to answer questions with quality answers. It unlocks this part of the brain that is responsible for creativity.


You're right, we all have a lot of ideas unexplored, unused. Musing and Steemit is definitely stimulating creativity, no question about that. 

I've been on Steemit from January and have done things i would never imagined I could do and it's not over yet. I know there's many more to come. I started drawing, learned a lot about photography, writing, did some collaborations and I'm constantly learning, having new ideas about how can i be better and what can I do to improve and help others as well. 

Musing is a learning possibility for me and since I've started about a month ago, I'm constantly thinking of how can i contribute to make this place a better place, to attract more users, to contribute with interesting questions and answers. 

Asking questions is not just posting a line that might get an upvote. It's much more than that. My question can help others think and get some solutions as well. We can all benefit from it. I have lots of ideas that are still in my head and I'm going to use them soon. 


I have many business idea, the creative one, and maybe i can make some "Survey" with musing. Am I allowed to do it? - If yes, wow musing will be my place to explore more about my ideas.

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musing is certainly an excellent way to discover ideas or topics of interest that you may have not previously known you were interested in! 

There have been quite a few times where reading a question on musing has sparked my interest on a new topic, and I ended up researching and spending copious amounts of time researching. 

This is not only good for discovering new interests, but it's also great for learning if you are someone who enjoys learning new topics.