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I have sent ETH from an exchange to a forex broker's ETH address as deposit, the transaction got executed on blockchain but the broker is saying that he has not received it yet and when I enquried to the exchange from where the ETH was sent, the exchnage said it was sent from smart contract and tell you broker to do the needful from their end, we can not do anything now as the ETH has been sent already. What should I tell to the forex broker now so that he will be convinced and credit the ETH to my account?

Do not panic....it is not a big issue and there have been many such cases in recent times, just tell your forex broker like this:

I have sent the XXX ETH amount and it has been broadcasted over ETH blockchain.

Attach the link of the blockchain transaction of your ETH amount and since it is from smart contract, the transaction must be showing in internal transaction tab. Smart Contract deposit always shows in internal transaction tab.

So just tell them to sweep it manually and credit it to your account.

Normally their sweeping program is only coded to listen to the transactions. So just tell them manually sweep.

I am sure they will do it and credit it to your account.

Thank you and Have a great day.