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What are the health problems generally observed in men due to low testosterone?

Low testosterone levels are something natural that happens to men with age. But when a young child begins experiencing it, then it's a problem and has to be handled.

1) LACK OF SEX DRIVE: A lack of libido has to be the most basic and common effect of low testosterone levels in men. Its recorded that almost every man who visits a hospital because of it has a low sex drive. It not only applies to actual sex though. Men with low testosterone levels(LTL) masturate less and even fantasize about women less.

This is because the parts of the brain that handle sexual activity are packed with testosterone receptors and so LTL cause them to become less active.

2) MUSCLE SHRINKAGE: One of the roles of testosterone in the body is muscle building. This is why most body builders take supplements to boost their muscle growth. Some of these supplements help to boost their testosterone levels. When you have LTL, your body breaks down the muscles instead of building them.

At first it might just be hard to push your regular weights but after a few weeks, the loss of muscle mass will be evident.

3) PENIS SHRINKAGE: This has to be the scariest one of them all. When a man experiences LTL, the tissue in his penis will begin to atrophy and this will lead to a reduction in size. There will be a reduction in length, girth and even the size of the scrotum.

Treatment won't bring back what was lost immediately but it can make things better.


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Testosterone is a sex hormone that is created in a man's testicles. At the point when a male child is building up, this hormone enables the sex organs to shape. During pubescence, testosterone assumes a key job in the physical advancement of young men into men. It causes hair to develop on the face, constructs muscles, and makes the voice extend. Further down the road, testosterone likewise assumes a significant job in a man's sexual capacity. Testosterone levels normally decrease with age. A few causes other than maturing can likewise prompt low testosterone. These incorporate wounds to the gonads just as chemotherapy or radiation for treating malignancy in the genital territory. Different causes incorporate ailments. Low testosterone can have genuine and significant wellbeing impacts, particularly on a man's sexual coexistence. Men with low testosterone may experience difficulty getting and keeping an erection. The erections they do have may ejaculate less frequently and not as emphatically as in the past. A man's longing to engage in sexual relations (drive) additionally diminishes as testosterone drops. These elements can prompt less regular sex. This can really affect accomplice connections.