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One world government. Do you think it would be good or bad and why?
What brings you to the conclusion that a one world government would be good or bad?

One world government in my opinion can be defined as a single central authority controlling all the the activities of all the sovereign autonomous countries all over the world using one constitution, the same single central rules and government and system of government as well.

I'll first like to highlight the challenge that comes with this idea and the first is that the countries of the world is HETEROGENEOUS this means that the countries of world speak different languages have different cultures and speak different language, it'll be difficult for the world to have a single government because some countries will not be reached, because a single central government will be centralized then it will be difficult for people to practice grassroots government which will foster underdevelopment in some part of the world.

IT WILL BE VERY EXPENSIVE TO RUN; to have a single central world government it means a lot of people will have to be employed to run the process that it will entail, in other to even the development in all the places in the world it means that a lot of resources will be spent, money will be spent on employing police and a lot of law enforcement bodies that can maintain law and other because this kind of system will foster unrest and choas.


the system is anarchial and totalitarianist in nature; a one world government will be tantamount to giving some group of people world power and this will be anarchial, and kick against the 21st century liberalist system of democracy.

The power will be abused; abuse of power will come once a one world government is enacted, it'll not allow a lot of people to practise a decentralised government at the grassroot level and because all the world power is focused on one person there is a tendency that this power will be abused and this can result in communism in the future.

The system will take away people's human right; this kind of government is anti constitutional and will bring an end to the free liberty and human right of people, this is because the the system of government is too central, it will be focused on maintaining balance and issues like human right will be neglected which will give the law enforcement agency the power to abuse the right and liberty of people.


Are you mad? That would be one of the craziest ideas and it would never work. Look at the hassles with the EU and that is only a small segment of the population. It would never work.

The world is made up of so many different cultures and religion sand is way too complicated. Each region faces different problems form each other. 

One country could have a way higher population and unemployment through the roof whilst others only have a 1 or 2% unemployment rate. Whatever gets decided by a central government would maybe be fine for one and not the other.

Who would be happy with a leader form one country overseeing all the others. If he favored a deal with his country it would create outrage and concerns. To create a one government world would be just very wrong and it would fail miserably.

We can never allow this to happen as we will end up with the possibility of dictatorships etc.

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One world government is not an easy subject, no matter how resourceful you are, how tech pro you are, how educated your people are or how rich your infrastructure is. There are many types of countries where by the term types means not a very specific and limited number of types because the types in itself is divided in to so many number of subtypes and the entire world so diverse and vast and more over we do not need any centralized authority to govern this world. We want this world to function like an internet web or like a blockchain technology where everything is a distributed web.

Decentralization of power and making autonomous of different region will empower the people and when they will be sufficiently empowered then can bring value to the society and they can work in a way where they can prosper themselves and to the region also, which will make the whole world better when every such small regions will prosper.

Even as of now the administration of most countries are capitalist and with one world govt there is no gurantee that the economy will develop the poor countries, the resources will be plenty and cashing out on those resources will not be autonomous with one world government.

So in my view point, it is not practically possible.


It won't be a good idea. Why?

That is because the world is made up of different people with different ethics, religion, and different culture. No part will allow the other to rule over them


It will bad because we have no unified language we all speak and it will be no different from the one we have now. They will still have to appoint heads that will help coordinate all tribe and have to report back to the central. The one world government might not have the oversight to check every corner and see where is lacking. 


 It's unreasonable and won't work.

First of all, nations today are isolated on pretty much each and every worldwide issue. In case you will shape a worldwide government, at that point nations need to at any rate begin concurring with one another. However, on the off chance that you take a gander at a model from history (the United Nations), you'll see that endeavouring world administration is pointless. Furthermore, take note of that the UN was the formation of only four nations who and after its all said and done couldn't concur on its forces and benefits.

Second, regardless of whether we prevail with regards to making a world government, no legislative structure could be kept up. The world is greatly huge and it's difficult to put one individual at its head. We will wind up with a government framework where a lot of opportunities must be given to the distinction domains for down to earth reasons. Separation from the capital will likewise make the probability of session higher if there is discontent. Besides, there are such a significant number of religions and theories on the planet that no pleasing them would mean unlimited uprisings and insurgencies except if you're recommending a worldwide fascism. 

it will not work the world will begain the war.