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How can one promote his website without spamming and being obnoxious?
I recently developed a site which tests your intelligence and rewards you for it. It's completely free to enter and you can win some money. I've been using bid bots to promote it, but no one has used it. Where am I going wrong about it ?

There are different ways and methods to adopt in promoting your websites and I am quite certain that it may cost you some amount of money and time. From what you've stated in your context that you've been "making use of bidbots to promote your posts and no one is using it". I would suggest you make use of resteem bots as an additional means to enable your post get resteemed to more Steemit users as this will enable your website to be more visible to other Steemians. I also suggest you should try to make your posts appear on the trending page to enable more steemit users know more about it.

Another means of promoting your website on Steemit is by creating a writing contest about your website. This means you will have to attach a reward or price tag for the top 3-5 writers depending on your budget. This trick will enable you to generate more traffic and visibility for your website because everyone wants to get rewarded. Remember you will have to pay in steem or SBD as this will make more people take part in the writing contest. Also remember to add conditions of resteeming and visiting the website to enable other steemit users know about it.

Lastly, I suggest you can also pay people to test your website. Does this sounds funny or astonishing?.. Well that's the fact! Most people will want to visit your website because money or reward is already involved.

In conclusion, you should have posted your website link on Musing by attaching it to your question post as this will enable more people to check out on your website. I will like to visit your website and check it out and I hope you will reply me with the link.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


You can promote your page by organizing give away... this attracts a lot of people to ones page.

Dropping intelligent comments on celebrity or popular pages too is a good move.

Post consistently, use active tags..

these should work.

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There are several ways one can promote a website without becoming a nuisance to others. Here are just five ways in which a website can be promoted;

1. By creating SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the site

2. By creating quality contents for the site what is called content marketing.

3. Paid ads

4. Social media marketing

5. Having your site listed on GMB (Google My Business)

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You can put a bounty on it with steembounty. 

Maybe promote it a bit with dclick and make a catchy banner. 

Dpoll also works well in my opinion. Ask people if they want to do the test there.