If you are religious and your son or daughter wants to spend his/her life with an atheist, what would you do? If you are an atheist and your son or daughter decides to spend his/her life with a religious person, what would you do?

Respect their choice, so long as the religion or lack thereof was not abusive.

For example if my child were an atheist and the religious person in question they wanted to spend their life with was the kind who looked down upon others for not being with their religion, the kind who constantly tried to subject others to their religion and say that they were going to some bad place for not believing, the kind who would ban various subjects such as books or television because they thought it to be the work of some evil entity that is sinful to view or anything else along those lines then, and only then, would I have a problem.

If my child grew up religious and wanted to spend life with an atheist as long as that atheist respected their religious views and the differences in the fact wouldn't get in the way of their relationship I wouldn't care. But if that atheist was trying to get my child to be atheist as well or using whatever to try and make them feel bad for their religious choices then we'll have an issue. 


I am a kind of person that believes that my children should have a freedom of choice as long as those choices is not hurting them or any members of the society....

I care more about the personality of the person that my child wants to marry and not the religious views of the person...everyone have their own various religious views and it is ethical to respect the views of everyone....

Also being a religious person or believing so much in a religion is not the major factor that should be used to judge how responsible a person is or how not.....there are some people who claim to be religious and even their own attitudes could be worse than some atheists....there are some people who hide under religion to perpetrate evil....so that is why i have never used religious views to judge if a person is a good person or a bad person...

And what matters to me is that my child should marry a good and responsible person irrespective of the person's religious views...


Seriously??? Come up with your own questions or put your question at the very least in other words! You simply copied that from me. Same wording! 24 days ago!!! No coincidence! You should be ashamed!