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Do we choose to love, or love chooses us?
Sometimes we actually anticipate to love love someone, isn't that what dating is about? Learning to love that partner right? So what about the times we fall in love at first sight or without even expecting it, because that happens a lot.

You know that scene in Harry Potter, where Harry just got into Hogwarths, and they were at the dining hall with the large dinner tables and everyone was clattering and dining and then Professor Dumbledore did his bell ringing thing and said, Let the sorting begin?

You know how everybody got up one after the other as their names were called and went towards the sorting hat to get the houses to which they belong?

You know how everyone had to MAKE THE MOVE to get over there to the sorting hat? And then stay still as Professor McGonagal (pardon the misspelling I really can't spell her name) put the sorting hat over their heads?


You see the sorting hat will ASSIGN the students to whichever houses they are MEANT to belong to. But at the same time these Hogwarths students had to MAKE THE MOVE themselves to get TO the sorting hat.

You see how simultaneous and co dependent both actions are. Thats exactly how love happens.

You can't just sit your ass down at home doing nothing watching tv shows and getting fat and expect love to come to you, thinking well at least they say we don't choose love love chooses us. Fine. But you HAVE to make the move first before love--aka the sorting hat--decides where to throw You!

Also in the same vein you can walk around the streets aimlessly every night, go to ebery club in the country, go to all the parties in your vicinity and beyonbeyond, go to social functions, browse the entire world wide web, and STILL NOT find love! Because that is the part where love HAS to choose you.

And then again let's say you do find someone you find yourself compatible with, You HAVE chosen that person. Still. Love has got to choose You both, and by that I don't mean anything metaphysical or preternatural or whatnot, I just mean that consequent events must be serene and so beautiful that you guys then end up falling for each other.

Without all these ingredients- -you making a move, the universe bringing you somehow, and events working in both your favors, you can't really find love.

And yes you're right, sometimes we actually DO anticipate to love love someone. And THAT is exactly what "dating" is about? Note the quote: "dating". Not love.

You can very well date somebody without ever fall in love with that person. You guys could just be having fun, or you might even really have it in mind to fall or telling her madly in love with that person but things just don't click, the universe doesn't give you guys that vital and beautiful and sublime thing that is called love.

And yes sometimes we do fall in love at first sight. And that is mostly a good sign. That is the universe pulling a sorting hat as it saw Draco Malfoy (if you're familiar with Harry Potter of course)

When the sorting hat saw Draco it didn't even have to be placed fully on his head before it shouted that he belonged in Slytherin. That's love at first sight! Isn't it? XD



I feel that the probability that we experience love depends on intentionally choosing love so that we have a better chance of being chosen by love.

In my own experience and the experience of those I have come to know, the quality of the love we experience also depends on both of these factors. 

We need to intentionally choose love and be chosen by love to maximize the chance of experiencing a happy and fulfilling quality of love.

Each person's intentions are powerful in attracting the experiences that come into his or her life. If someone worries all day, every day, about becoming sick, that powerful energy attracts situations that result in increased illness.

Likewise, if a person feels completely unworthy of being rich and enjoying the choices that become available when money is not a problem, even if excess money is received as in a lottery win, that person will not be able to enjoy, protect and hold on to that money for very long.

Because of the power of desire and clear intentions, each person can literally create what they truly want. The process is simple but not necessarily easy.

A short list of what is required includes:

  • staying clear and not allowing confusion to muddy that clarity
  • staying focused and consistent
  • taking inspired action that supports manifesting the desire effectively and consistently until the desired result is achieved
  • effectively and vigilantly dealing with and dissolving all negative thoughts, feelings and belief programming that sabotage the desire and required actions to fulfill it
  • spending quiet time each day imagining the reality that you want via clear, powerful video 'picturing' in one's mind, writing out the full details of how life will be when the desire is successfully achieved and any other methods that make 

As a person becomes more and more clear on the type of love and quality of love relationship desired and matches that with ensuring readiness to experience that love, that energy vibration or signal  is sent out.

The strength and consistency of that signal draws all possible matching results towards the person as Life Itself serves up the choices that deliver on the requests that were made.

It is this harmonious working of unique and deeply personal relationship desires and the matching serving up of love by Life that results in the type of mutual and often magically fulfilling love relationships that dreams and movies are made of.

Love is chosen and love also chooses.


We cannot choose love nor love chooses us.

It's a sequence of events and likeness that you both in awe. I mean, you cannot choose which "someone" to love because everything isn't idea. Its all on the moments happened during the stage and the relationship that was built along those stage. You cannot say, I will love this person but you loved her because you appreciate the things that happened. 

I can state an example, a perfect guy (fame, money, character, personality, family) has those traits. But you never got the chance  to spend moments with or talk, it would be very difficult to fall in love. Instead, it is only "admiration or infatuation". True love is an appreciation of the series of events and then the heart beats. Then boom, you'll be in complete awe thinking of her.

Also love does not choose. It does not. Love is just a representation of feeling special to a person. The emotion is attached. Love is not responsible for our feelings - we are. We loved a person because of the things happened during the process. The character, attitude, and the response of things which you truly appreciate.


This question we may often hear both in stories in films, a novel, or even real in someone's life. In fact, there are many people who feel falling in love with someone, but that person never returns to love even the slightest. Or inversely proportional to this. There are people who love us very much, but instead we cannot feel any feeling towards it. Sometimes love is as weird as that, but whatever the actions and reactions of love, that's how love is. What changes is how people treat love.

For some people who take a position to be loved rather than love. That is the personal right of each. They will prefer someone who loves them so they will feel cared for, given affection, and everything that is a manifestation of love or manifestation in the form of gifts. That is not wrong at all because it is fun not if loved by someone? But what is different is that if we cannot turn around to love that person then whatever effort he or she does and gives us becomes meaningless.

For this reason, I choose to be with people I love rather than people who love me. In the course of my life with him, when I did not love him at all I would tend to feel uncomfortable near him and if he did something for me even though it was a good thing, then for me everything would feel wrong and unpleasant.

Loving people who don't love me. Yes, I better do that. Everything I do and I give to him, is sincere in my heart. Even though he never responded, even though everything I did was considered to be meaningless, I would still treat him as well as he refused me. Pain certainly, even very torture. And all people in any part of the world will choose with those who love them and who they love. But back again, if the word is faced only on the two choices above. Because for me, whatever sacrifice I will give and have not given him is not useless. It is not something that I will regret later, because for me nothing is in vain because I love it.