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What is the appropriate way to handle an agressive dog?

I have had one so I know first hand. i don't know what sized dog you are worried about but mine was a bull mastiff/boerboel mix and was 75 Kg's. A real handful and a danger if things got out of hand.

You have to show no fear and that you are the leader of the pack. Discipline is important otherwise he/she will snap at you and will be uncontrollable. Mine used to change instantly as though a red mist had come across him.

Being firm is not hitting the dog but teaching it obedience so it listens to you. Aggressive dogs are fine as long as you respect them and they respect you. Teaching it simple tasks so eventually it listens to your voice.

I had two of them and often they would be taking chunks out of each other and it took about 6 months of training and after that they were fine. The aggression could be from a few things.

A bad blood line so it is not a pure bred and it has the worst traits. It could be skittish and afraid of it's own shadow so just snaps. It could be from wanting to dominate everyone and be the leader.

You have to find out which one it is and normally it is the latter. They are wanting to dominate you and the family. If that is the case make sure you don't allow them on the furniture as you need to show them they are not on the same level as you.

Discipline them as they have to stay outside during the day and are only allowed in during the night (poisoning in South Africa). teaching them to sit and stay with treats. The basic commands and always have a collar on the dog. A dog is easier to control if it is used to a collar and you have something to grab if need be.

I hope this helps and if it is a large breed rather go to dog school even if it is a few lessons of one on one. A small dog will be easier to do the above.


I'd begin by checking the neighborhood laws. Check whether there's one about over the top commotion. In a few spots, for instance, if the puppy barks for more than 3 minutes, a law is being broken. On the off chance that that is the situation, at that point you can report it to the neighborhood experts and let them deal with it.

Another choice is to converse with your neighbor about it. This may or probably won't go well, contingent upon your association with that individual and their states of mind about canine conduct. I have a neighbor whose canines bark a ton, and she more often than not calls them inside when they go on too long.


1. Understand the cause

Find out and understand first what time your dog has an increased sense of aggression, maybe when you're anxious, when seeing strangers, when feeling lonely, and so on. Record the behavior and note when your dog experiences behavioral changes in order to be known and given training to reduce his aggressive feelings. (Also read about how to make a dog stop biting).

2. Maintain Neighborhood Security

Make sure the environment around you is safe, an aggressive dog can occur because he hears an uncomfortable situation or smells something strange to him, a crowded environment will worry him and continue to bark and become angry when approached, especially if he is approached by someone he does not know . Therefore give him a calm environment.

3. Make sure the dog cannot leave the house

Give the dog a safe cage and make sure he cannot go out of the house through anything such as through a fence or through the wall of the house by jumping. Aggressive dogs that leave the house will endanger the surroundings and risk injuring other animals or injuring humans, so try to keep him in the house.


I think the first way is to watch the dog whisperer. Hehe. Well, maybe we need to look at the dogs enclosure to see if it has enough space or not. Sometimes it has limited space, it can get very aggressive.

Some breeds are more aggressive than others so if it's a breed that can't be handled its better to find a person who can handle that dog.


It relies upon the atmosphere and utilization of the recreation center, yet here are a few thoughts.

Put low dividers around a few pockets of garden space. Sufficiently high divider to shield a canine from bouncing in.

Have individuals hurl the loss over a walled region. There ought to be sufficient little pocket plants close by empower utilize.

Hurl in seeds for lovely non-sustenance plants. Maybe vines to grow up to cover the dividers or some pretty trees would add some shading to the recreation center.

This dispenses with the requirement for waste pickup setting aside extra cash in stop administration.

See a greater amount of my considerations about treating the soil toilets here: (Composting toilets)

More intricate arrangements

In the event that there is an issue with conduits or high water table, at that point the "plant" could really be a solid lined pit as treating the soil toilets have.

In the event that the thickness for utilize is unreasonably high, at that point treating the soil toilets particularly to dump pooch waste could be utilized, however the garden thoughts is bring down expense and prettier. What are the benefits of treating the soil toilets?

Additional treating the soil help

Regardless of whether the framework is an open garden or a latrine., put red wrigglers and excrement insects in also.

I have tried it in my treating the soil toilets and red wrigglers will compost human waste so put a portion of those in also. Waste bugs likewise enhance the procedure. What are a few hints for building fertilizing the soil toilets?

Brian Fey's response to Are canine excrement and pee in city parks and other urban spaces a general wellbeing peril?

The pickup

In pooches parks I have seen individuals utilize plastic packs or gloves to pickup the waste. Plastic doesn't compost yet won't generally harm the heap. A few parasites will process a few plastics. Parasites Digest Plastic Trash : DNews

Another choice is give a wax paper or the like for pickup or corn-based compostable sacks.

Scoops for pickup would be perfect, however they could get stolen. Maybe basic devoted clients may bring a little scoop and pickup any waste that unreliable pooch proprietors did not.

Long haul

On the off chance that the patio nurseries begins as pits they could serve for some numerous prior years needing the rich soil expelled. Nursery workers would almost certainly uncover it for nothing. At that point the garden would begin once more. On the other hand new pocket patio nurseries could be made bringing about numerous wonderful gardens in the recreation center.

In a perfect world the dividers of the pocket patio nurseries would be made of cob or adobe from earth on the site. Or on the other hand maybe pooch evidence fences.


The pooch stop ought to likewise have Composting Toilets for human utilize.

The issue of canine crap is comparable for the issue of human crap.

What are a few hints for building fertilizing the soil toilets?

What are a few hints for enhancing the utilization of treating the soil toilets?


Expenses of waste transfer: Dog Waste Stations

Puppy Waste Removal and Waste Management Advice

Puppy squander is a noteworthy poison and contaminant of the water supply. It is a genuine medical problem. Actually, it is evaluated that 1/3 of all water pollution is a consequence of pooch squander keep running off entering streams and filtering into underground well water. The normal canine can create 274 pounds of waste every year. Sickness from canine waste can spread to different pooches, youngsters and grown-ups.