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Should you marry the person you love or the person that loves you,which is better?

To be honest it is really a critical question.

It kind of depend on few factors

  • If it is a love marriage 

The situation is kind of mutual and both the person seems to love each other so going for the marriage can be the ultimate decision and most of the time it works out.

  • Marriage that are arranged by parents  

Well at this case both the people does not know each other but at some point they just start to have feeling for each other and they tend to live a happy life if they match up in their life otherwise we all know what happens.

At last after seeing few situations in my life I would suggest to anybody in bringing the real facts and situations given below take your own decision :

If you marry someone that you love but if that person doesnot love you than probably at some point you both will regret for getting into a bond that will last forever 

but on the on the other hand

If Someone loves you than go for that person as that person will be there for you always at all times no matter what. You want that person to be at your side and you will surely live the love life that you always wanted and at some point by the love of that person you will start to fall for that person as well.

These are just my point of seeing the way about the particular question above. We all have our own thoughts.

It depends on who you are, the life you want and the kind of compromises you are willing to make.

If you like feeling loved and taken care of, you don't like chasing after someone, maybe going for someone who loves you would be better. At least you know for sure they are already interested in you.

But if you don't like things 'easy' and enjoy a 'chase', maybe going for someone who you have to fight for their attention and time would suit you better.

Regardless of which kind of relationship you commit yourself to though, you need to put in the effort to keep it going.

All the best!
Hmm marriage is an institution where you keep learning more and more and it is an institution where someone needs to be very well prepared for,when we are in a relationship i believe that we should be in a relationship with someone that will love so much and someone that we care about

But if i am giving an option to marry a person i love or a person that loves me,i will marry the person that loves me because i believe that with time i will learn to love my partner back and the marriage will be a good one

On the other hand,marrying someone i love that do not love me back is a disaster which i do not want to experience so the best option for me is to marry someone that loves me and that i love too
When told to choose I will marry someone who loves me. Marriage is not an easy thing, a lot of things to be faced together, having a partner who loves us will make us always comfortable. The couple will not do anything that hurt the heart. It will always be there for us. because I think marrying someone we love is not sure to deliver happiness for us because it could be a hope not match reality.

Marriage is preferably an onetime occasion, at any rate this is the thing that it ought to be in a perfect world. So it turns out to be critical to distinguish the correct sort of individual to wed.

Presently right sort of individual may mean diverse for various people.

There are aces and cons of wedding the individual you cherish versus individual who adores you.

Presently how about we measure both of it and choose.

1-Wedding the individual you cherish


Multi day you will be fulfilled that you got what you needed. You will value the minutes you go through with him. This resembles getting a toy in youth which you have been needing for long. The inclination will be extreme.

2. You will attempt to discover joy in things which he feels upbeat, ND perhaps u will likewise begin build up a loving for those things.


1. You will be excessively reliant on him/her for your bliss since you will join all your joy strings to him which may load him and bother him now and again.

2. Every person hungers for adoration, in the event that you cherish somebody regardless of what number of Bollywood motion pictures demonstrate that uneven love is too intense, time for rude awakening folks we some place have the sentiment of being cherished back. This is the way typical individuals are raised. But in the event that you are superman, in the event that he doesn't adores you back, you may get troubled even in the brightest snapshots of your life.

3. There is a plausibility that you may attempt yet not create likings for things he jumps at the chance to eat, the games he gets a kick out of the chance to play, the point he gets a kick out of the chance to chat on, so you may feel caught in the middle of your genuine sentiments and emotions you are endeavoring to create.

2-Wedding the individual who adores you


1. He will permit you finish opportunity since he adores you, confides in you and will go statures to simply observe a grin all over. Trust me Opportunity is the most underrated inclination yet in the event that somebody permits you flexibility that is the best blessing somebody can provide for you.

2. He will administer to you, spoil you, make your birthday events extraordinary, and remain by you in each troublesome conditions.

3. He will approach you with deference as prized ownership. Treating break even with is a major thing particularly when you are in India where young ladies are dealt with similarly just in films .Genuine situations contrast, in actuality if a person enables a young lady to work after marriage that is thought to be an indication of treating measure up to.

I have a straightforward inquiry "who are you to allow?"You never offer consent to somebody square with. Balance is when both have free options.


1. Extreme circumstance You may not create affections for him but rather recall a certain something, it's not generally about adoration sentiments it's a built up feeling ,U will feel upbeat, free, administered to, regarded and that as well if not equivalent are relatively proportional affections for affection.