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How do you know you are on the right path in your life?

A week ago I decided to talk with a psychologist about my life, my current situation, the options exploited and even my fear that comes with the feeling of not knowing exactly what to do with my life.

The psychologist in question belongs to a department that guides young people and gives them study options, free time, etc. They also offer psychological help but I must admit that no matter how much I explained and told him everything he thought he could not empathize with me, he did not give me any other option, there was no advice, a friendly word nor did I feel heard ... For his part do not notice interest, I do not blame her alone she will know what problem she will have or maybe she saw a lost case, I do not know.

The fact is that at the end of the session he said something that he considers useful:

I think the decisions must be made by you, in the end even though we believe that it is the right decision, things may not go as we expect, there are no guarantees. But that's what life is about, to decide, to work for something and if it does not work out as we expect to continue fighting.

So answering your question I think it is difficult to know with certainty how you are on the right path, however life always gives you small clues. I think you're on the right track when:

Very much in spite of what happens in your life you feel happy

You work not only to earn money but to see personal, mental growth.

The future does not cause you anxiety

Not only do you dedicate time to others, but you also reserve time for yourself, to take care of yourself, to pamper yourself

You spend time doing the things you love

If you do not feel happy, I think it is important to change from time to time, leave our comfort zone and continue working depending on what we want.

I believe that the road to success is not a straight line and the "right" path is nothing more than the one that makes you happy.



I believe that you can only tell that you're on the right path in life if you encounter difficulties. All important breakthroughs in life came after a difficulty.

Take a video game for example, you might be lost in a particular level, wandering but once you come across a bad guy, you automatically know that you're back on track.

I believe that the same applies in life, those difficulties are there to sharpen you, mould you, and make you a better person that will handle your future success.


I was on the right path in my life because in my family, my parents taught me that I must have good character and noble character.

When we are given an assignment or trust, we must do it as best we can and do not abuse the trust given to us even though we are given heavy temptations.

I have to say right, both in my speech and in my actions, it must be in rhythm because there are so many of us to meet in society when we speak and kindness but in what they do is contrary to what they say.

My parents always taught me to continue learning and learning, so that the knowledge that I have smart must be conveyed to everyone, with the intelligence of the community, all problems in life in society can be better resolved.

There is no day without kindness.


At the point when everytime you get thumped down in life , you get up and battle back 

When you concentrate more on your wellbeing than on your looks. 

When you don't get back to strike back when somebody hung up on you 

When you make encounter a need over cash 

When you answer to feedback with a grin and endeavor to comprehend the explanation behind their scorn for you. 

When you discover a young lady alluring dependent on your discussion with her not founded all over 

At the point when your active calls to your mom is more than her approaching calls to you 

When you don't commend your triumph for a really long time 

While taking care of an issue, you discover in excess of one answer for the issue


I do not know.

Affirming that if I know it would be a form of arrogance, of believing me a moral or intellectual "referent" that carries a "beacon of light" that indicates the path to the poor fools who can not find their way.

The decisions I have made and the actions I have executed fall into 3 major groups:

1- Bold mistakes I made by unwary or foolish

2- Great successes that I had luckily or for good planning

3- Things that did not come to anything, that may take a long time to show their result (so much that I could have died without seeing what they left)

4- Things that "did something" and that I ignore that hang over my head like "Sword of Damocles".

I have an inner moral compass that I try to follow, but that moral compass was formed by the family, social and cultural environment where I grew up and I would not have the arrogance and the boldness to indicate that my moral compass is "the only one" that points towards "the only north ".

Years ago I learned to get along with uncertainty. I do not fight with her anymore. Now the uncertainty and I are friends in what on the road is resolved what will happen.