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If the Earth is round, are we head down in some countries? Why is there no video that shows that we are upside down or on the side?


The Earth is a sphere with somewhat of a tilt, that rotates on its axis as it revolves around the sun. The spinning, along with Earth's mass, creates gravitational pull towards its center. All of these things combine to keep everything and everyone on the sphere and not floating out into space.

If it were possible to see someone in the southern hemisphere from the perspective of someone in the norther hemisphere, or vice versa, it might look like they were upside down. However, that's impossible to do from the ground because the Earth is always going to be in the way. If you move around on the surface, your perspective changes with it. As a sphere, every location on Earth looks right side up from the ground to each individual's own perspective.

The reason why there is no video is because of this perspective.

What about being above the Earth? If you are in orbit over the Earth and want to look at certain points, you will more or less be looking straight down on what you want to see. Again, since the Earth is a sphere, what you see is what's tilted towards you.

So, if it were possible to see people walking around on the bottom of the Earth, from their perspective, you would be too. It wouldn't just be some countries where this phenomena took place. It would be all countries, from the perspective of those on the other side of the world.


In our Universe, planets and stars have this shape because of a force called gravitation. According to this force, whatever their nature, two bodies (or two objects) attract each other. This is how the Earth was formed: 4.5 billion years ago, a mass of gas and dust then circled in space, one element attracting others to form planetoids. These huge rocks then came together and gradually made up our planet. Thanks to the gravitational force, all the elements that make up the Earth seek to be closer to the center and thus make it more stable.

Even you, thanks to the force of attraction of our planet, you are attracted to what your brain considers as the bottom (and which is in fact the center of the planet). Whether you are in France, Australia or elsewhere on Earth, there is no risk that you will fly to the sky and fall into space!


I know you're not asking this seriously, nevertheless I will answer seriously.

When you're on the surface on the ball. 

Wherever you stand, the surface is the bottom. 

From that perspective, to be upside down, would mean, you'd stand on your arms.

From the outside perspective, if there's bottom and top to speak off, any object on a  surface of a ball would be upside right, or upside down, or sideways, depending on the position on the ball. 

We're on the surface of the ball, so the "outside perspective" flies out the window.

We don't experience that.


What a person perceives as "below" is the direction in which gravity attracts him. When an astronaut is in space and the ship accelerates (the engines start), the astronaut suffers the force of that acceleration, logically, and that force causes the astronaut to precede as "down" where the engines are, and up the opposite point . And that's always the case, regardless of where the ship is pointing. When you travel to the Moon, the Earth is below and the Moon is above. When you travel to Earth, the Moon is below and the Earth is above (for you).

Another example would be a ship in space (floating with hardly gravity), in which a person was put on a wheel, like a hamster. When the wheel rotated (as in the movie "2001: Odyssey in space"), the person would feel a force (what is called "centrifugal force"), which would make him think that the edge of the wheel is the ground (below). ) and the center of the sky (above). This, by the simple logic (and erroneous) that up and down are absolute would be absurd, because clearly the feet of the astronaut would point to different places at each moment, as the wheel is turning. But for the astronaut, his feet would always be "down" (and in fact it would seem to him, if he looked outwards, that the stars are the ones that rotate).


Because there is a global conspiracy that makes sure all video material from such countries is always flipped in video editing before it is shown elsewhere. In fact, the flipping is done automatically these days. Remember the football World Cup in South Africa, which is one of those countries where everybody's head down? Well, you wouldn't have been able to tell from the video material seen on television because it was all flipped.