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What is complete process of KYC (Know Your Customer)?
This is a routine process in the banks, they gather information of their customers. I wanna know, what are the steps, requirements ... means complete details about overall process. And if it is asked by some of the cryptocurrency site, then what would be the requirements? Is it safe?

KYC-Know Your Customer generally includes your ID proof issued by the Govt and your address proof. In traditional organisations/institutions you generally go to your those institutions(such as banks) and give the photocopies of those proof and self attest it and also get it verified with the original documents, they check it and return your original proof and they keep the self attested photocopies in their record and they generally do so from time to time so as to update the database of the customers/users. The time span of routine KYC check varies from time to time. It could be every year or every 2 years or even sometimes 6 months also and all depends upon the directives of the regulatory body under which they function.

In any online crypto exchanges you do not need to provide any self attested photocopies, however you need to provide the scan or photo (taken by your smartphone or camera ) of the ID proof and address proof(optional in many cases). In exchanges your mobile number, 2 factor authentication, email verification are also done before you are given full access to the exchange facilities. Some exchanges also take the selfie of the user and match it with the photo of the ID proof to check the authenticity of the documents.

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Typical KYC procedures include sending a high-resolution photograph of a government-issued identity document such as a passport or a national identity card. Also, photograph of a not more than three-month old utility bill for proof of residence is typically required. Typically, a photograph taken by a web camera is used to verify that the documents are held by the right person. 

A cryptocurrency exchange may be required to ask for KYC details. I would be hesitant to give my details to a sketchy-looking exchange. One thing to make sure is that one's documents are sent over and SSL connection (look for https with an s and the lock symbol in the address bar). You don't want them going around the Internet unencrypted.

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In my country, KYC means you have to prove your identity and existence with :

  • Two document scans (ID card and Driver license / bank statement / family card / passport, etc).
  • Phone number.
  • The last is "Selfie Photo" with signature write down on paper.

Nah, its really annoying for me, but i have no choice.

For me, i think its still safe because i can get all the company data, and i have prove their existence too.