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From where we can get SP delegation & Why anybody would do so?
One of my fellow influencer on Steemhunt menitoned in an answer about one of my an other fellow influencer that he got some SP delegation, so I am curious how this could be done and if someone delegate SP to someone then why?

I have been lucky enough to receive delegations from other users. This is done to assist your growth and help you become a stronger member of the community.

There is no pressure on anyone but it is just down to relationships with other users. It is an act of generosity giving a helping hand. I will follow suit at some point and help someone  like they have helped me.

The trick is to not delegate too early as you are of more use to the other members when you are stronger. I aim to get to over 5000 SP as soon as possible so I can help some smaller accounts.

I can understand their thinking as the more Dolphins we have the stronger the platform is. We need a middle class which will balance everything out and make it healthier. Currently Steem is in the hands of the Whales and Minnows but not in the middle really.There are only 1839 Dolphin accounts and 289 Orcas. The aim is to increase the Dolphin level as we expect some of the the Whales to power down when Steem pumps again. This could create a new divide with Orcas the new Whales etc.


As far as I know the fastest and easiest way to get SP delegate is using the blocktrades service that allows you to buy a delegation of SP for a certain period of time that you choose. The price will depend on the amount of SP you want and the time you want to rent it.

The other ways I think is through "public relations" in communities where they see your value as a user and curator and that way they decide to delegate SP.

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Hello,my dear,indeed it is a very good question that you have asked.As I have seen that there are two questions you have.One of those is where can you get SP delegation? and another is why anybody would do so?

Let's start with the first one.I received SP delegation from two people who were trying to help out hardworking new members of Steemit. As a user of steemit you should know that to post and comment on steemit you need RC or resource credits which is generated from the Proof of Stake you have on the platform.The more SP or SP delegation you have the more RC you get.Also your RC get recharged faster you have more SP or SP delegation in your account.

So I was running out of RC and then I participated in some SP delegation giveaway projects.It is how you mainly get SP delegation.Other than that,you can also receive SP delegation from your friend or buy SP delegation from minnowbooster or blocktrades.us.

Now let's come to the next question.Who delegate SP and why they do so?Well,actually I have answered this question already inside the first one.The people who delegate SP mostly do it to help the new members or the members who are need of SP delegation.

Steemit is social blogging platform.It is a community.In a community members help each others.So the people who delegate SP is actually try to help other members of Steemit. There are passive benefit of socially wired SP delegation such as it gives you some friend and followers.It makes you look like leading personality in the Steemit platform.

So these are some other reasons for which people delegate SP.          


I bought about 240sp delegation from blocktrade around $12 for three months. And I've made that back just in about a week or so--not by self-voting but through engagement. What buying steem delegation does it that it expands your resource credit given you the opportunity to interact with the steem ecosystem and that's what increases your chances of earning more. Also, more sp equates more steem curation rewards. This is another way of making passive incoming by support other people's work through upvotes.

Personally, I would purchase more sp if I could. With your upvote value increasing with your sp you have the opportunity of rewarding good content and giving back to the steem ecosystem