Should control and superiority be our motives in life?
Some people chase control and superiority all their lives, is this needed or just psychological?


Well, I guess it depends on what is it we want to have control of.

Superiority always carries a negative connotation, so that is a No there. Being or feeling superior to others will eventually lead to oppression, abuse, and violence (of some kind). 

As for control, if it means power in the political or economic sense, it may be along the same lines of superiority. Power for power's sake is detrimental to humanity. Like slavery, both the oppressor and the oppressed end up badly.

There are some things we should aspire to control, though, especially at the personal level. That kind of control would lead to balance and harmony. From controlling our fears to controlling our tongues or impulses, we may find that many things we do or do not dare to do may harm us in the long run.

Some people tend to move from one extreme to the other psychologically physically. From worrying too much to indulging too much in vices, we may need at some point some kind of self-restrain or control of our emotions and desires so that we can work healthily in our society and avoid harming our loved ones.

Some people can become control freaks and even if they don't achieve power at a macro level, they can cause a lot of damage and pain to the people around them. Thus, even control freaks need to control themselves.

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'Should' is entirely subjective.

'Needed' only from the perspective of some particular psychological/egoic mechanisms.

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Control and superiority should not be a motive in anyone's life. Control and superiority sometimes turn out to be oppression because when you feel to superior over the people you come across, you will make them feel oppressed all the time and most people will not even imagine their self around you.

If one feels he/she should make 'CONTROL' a motive, then the person should channel that into his/her family. When you have control over your children, then you can say you have arrived but trying to have control over outside people is uncalled for because you did not bring them into this world.

As for SUPERIORITY, you can only be superior over people that work under you. To me superiority is a matter of fate. We would not be where we are now if not that God willed it. So there is no point acting like we created ourselves and we have an idea what tomorrow will bring, because someone who is under you today, might be your boss tomorrow. Superiority is earned and deserved, we do not need to make it a motive.

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I read some where that spending good human life is just like a life of turtle. If you see the life of turtle. The turtle is living control life, He/She maintain him in the shell. This is the way he makes himself limited, When ever he finds some thing bad he hide himself in the shell. Human life should be spent like turtle. control on ourself is a good thing. However superiority and control is not a good thing. All the people are equal. No one is superior to other. All people are good in certain things so we should respect each other trade and never try to control and showed superiority 

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I definitely do not think so.